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Check Outgoing Payment – No Matching Record Found

I have just encountered a strange problem with DI API outgoing payment with check as payment means.

I thought I would just share this here.

I had a running addon which creates an outgoing payment using checks as payment mean in SBO 882.PL8

below is the code to include the check :

            Dim oPym As SAPbobsCOM.Payments
            Set oPym = .GetBusinessObject(oPaymentsDrafts)
            oPym.DocObjectCode = bopot_OutgoingPayments
            oPym.CardCode = "S32"
            oPym.Invoices.DocEntry = 42
            oPym.Invoices.InvoiceType = it_PurchaseInvoice
            oPym.Invoices.SumApplied = 150
            oPym.Checks.CheckSum = 150
            oPym.Checks.BankCode = "BankCode"
            oPym.Checks.AccounttNum = "BankAccount"
            lErr = oPym.Add

While testing, we had upgraded the SBO + database into SBO 882.PL9.

After this upgrade, the outgoing payment does not get created anymore, with error ‘No Matching Record Found.’

After much testing, we found out that in order to create checks as the payment mean from DI,

The BankCode and BankAccount must match the Default HouseBank in the Administration – System Initialization – Company Details – Basic Initialization. (which does not make sense, since the UI allows us to create check from other bank)

Or, if we need to use other bank account, the setup in the Default House Bank must be emptied. (This includes all the field in this section).

Now, in my original 882PL8 database, this setting is empty. Thus I can create the document without problem.

When we upgraded this database to 882PL9, somehow after PL Upgrade there is a Default Bank Country here.

Because of this, the DI throwing the error when creating.

In short, if you encounter ‘No Matching Record Found.’ when creating check outgoing payment :

1. Check that your Bank Account and Bank Code exists in DSC1 Table.

2. As this documents show, Check the Default House Bank in  Administration – System Initialization – Company Details – Basic Initialization.


PS: I have tested this problem occurs in :

– SBO 882PL8

– SBO 882PL10

– SBO 882PL11

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      Author's profile photo Ankit Chauhan
      Ankit Chauhan

      Hi Edy,

      Nice Post to have. It solved my problem.

      Thanks & Regards

      Ankit Chauhan