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ABAP Webservice Consumption in Adobe Flex

In this document ABAP webservice for Sales Order header information to be fetched is consumed in Adobe Flex component which run’s in Webdynpro Application.Basically Webservice & Adobe Flex component belongs to different domain namespace.So here comes the usage of Crossdomain XML file to be created in server where Webservice resides.
Webservice Creation.
Adobe Flex component creation.
CrossDomain XML file Usage.
Webdynpro Component creation.
Webservice Creation:
1.Remote enabled Function module is created which will fetch VBAK information based on Sales
2.Create webservice from the Function module as below
Click continue after maintaining Profile value as Low,then the webservice creation will be completed.
3.Get the WSDL document information for the created Webservice in SOAMANAGER tcode.Select
  Single Service Adminstration link .
   Click on Display selected Binding’s WSDL URL,it will display the WSDL document for the created Webservice.
Adobe Flex Component Creation:
1.Download Flash Island library‟s from SAP system to local desktop. So go to “SE80” select “MIME Repository”
   navigate to folder “FlashIsland”  in below path

   Folder‟s SAP->PUBLIC->BC->UR->nw7->FlashIsland folder then download files “WDIslandlibrary.swc” &
   “WDIslandlibrary-debug.swc”  to local desktop to be used in Adobe Flex as libraries .

2.Create an Adobe Flex component using Flash Builder,i had used 4.5 version with 3.6 SDK.
3.Add downloaded SWC files into Adobe Flex component.
4.Create the UI elements in the Flex component.Input field for Sales,Button to fetch VBAK info from
   Webservice .
Webservice call is triggered by making use of Service call for Button UI as below
Provide WSDL document URL of the created Webservice.
WSDL doc. URL is as below


I wil be passing User name & Password credentials along with the WSDL document using parameters sap-user&sap-password ,since this Webservice is      used for only fetching purposes but not any updation. Now the WSDL document URL will be 

   http://XXXXXX:8022/sap/bc/srt/wsdl/bndg_E27DDAC22D8BB6F19C00005056A70020/wsdl11/allinone/ws_policy/document?sap-client=811&sap-   user=xxxx&sap-password=*****


A method will get’s created in Adobe Flex as below
Create the Form UI Layout to display the VBAK info. in the output by binding with Webservice output structure.
Now release the Adobe Flex project for SWF file which will be used in Webdynpro Application.
I had attached the MXML source code of Flex Project just for reference,webservice  related class & method
will be created in SRC folder under “service.document” .
Crossdomain XML file:
Here in this scenario Webservice & Adobe Flex application belong to different domain’s so it requires
Crossdomain XML file creation in Webservice system.
1.Create an XML file in local desktop with below information
2.Logon to server which webservice is exist ,create a BSP which holds the XML file which we created.
3.Now make the deafult service point to BSP which inturn has Crossdomain XML files,placed at server root directory.
   Goto SICF tocde,double click on default_host node.
   Click the Default Service tab ,select the BSP and save the setting now default host will point to Crossdomain XML BSP.
Change the System Profile parameter “is/HTTP/default_root_hdl” value from J2EE to ABAP.
Webdynpro Component Creation:
1.Logon to other server where Adobe Flex component is to be run .
   Create a webdynpro component and import the SWF file of Adobe Flex as MIME object.
2.In the view V_ADOBE the Flex file need to be integrated as below.
   Select the “ROOTUIELEMENT” container,right click & select  Swap Root Element.
From the Menu select “FlashIsland”.
3.Maintain the SWF file name in the properties of FlashIsland.
4.Create the application and test it.
Below is the output displayed in Flex component,by consuming Webservice .
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