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Reports to be used when transferring failed shopping carts

In this post, I would like to share some experiences that I have with reports used to resubmit shopping carts that are stuck in status I1111, failed in status I1112 and also without any item status.

If note 1499352 is not applied:

Before redesign note 1499352 is released/applied in SRM, shopping carts that were stuck in status I1111 – “Item in transfer process” should be processed by report BBP_ALERT_SB_NOTTRANSFERED.

This report checked shopping carts that were in status I1111 and then changed their status to I1112 – “Error in transmission”.

Once this was done, administrator could access the Monitor Shopping Cart, correct the document and retransfer it.

Transfer could also be done from Application Monitor.

Note 1480994 provides more details about this process.

If note 1499352 is applied:

Note 1499352 changed all shopping cart transfer design. Propose of this note was to correct all transfer and update issues that occurred during the shopping cart transfer and follow-on document creation.

Once note 1499352 is applied in SRM, report BBP_ALERT_SB_NOTTRANSFERED is not valid anymore.

Note 1734421 provides more information about this.

Therefore, if note 1499352 is applied/delivered by support package, new report BBP_SC_AUTO_RETRANSFER is available.

This report needs to be scheduled as background job and it will try to transfer shopping carts that are pending in status I1111. If, after some attempts, follow-on document is not created, this report will change shopping cart status from I1111 to I1112 and then administrator will be able to correct the cart in Shopping Cart Monitor and retransfer it.

An entry will also appear in Application Monitor, saying what occurred during the cart transfer that avoided follow-on document creation.

If attempts to create follow-on documents is successfully achieved, status will change to I1113 – “Follow-on document created”.

Note 1499352 explains how this report works and the parameters to be used when executing it.

It is importanto to read this note carefully. It provides important information.

In additiion, I would recommend to apply note 1788671. This note inserts shopping cart number as input parameter in report BBP_SC_AUTO_RETRANSFER. Then, it will be able to execute the report only for a specific cart.

Retransferring Shopping Carts from Monitor Shopping Cart:

In Monitor Shopping Cart, there is a button “create follow-on documents”.

This button will be enabled when cart is in “error in transmission” status. However, in order to have this functionality working, workflows WS 10000214 and WS 10000215 should be active.

Note 387701 describes this topic.

For further information, check KBA 1734421 – Report BBP_ALERT_SB_NOTTRANSFERED does not work anymore.

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      Alvaro Lorenzoni

      Great information Mr. Cavedini ➕