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Emails, Pop ups, and Click Throughs, Oh My!

For the latest information on this project, please see “Ignite!”.


Hello Community Members,

Recently, you may have received an email asking you to update your SCN information and accept our Privacy and Web Tracking Policy. Or you may have logged in to SCN, and gotten this pop up:


It asks you to update some of your profile information and confirm acceptance of the terms of use. If you encounter it, please follow the instructions and provide the updates. Once you do it, you should not receive additional emails asking you to take action.

This is all part of a project called “Get Back”, being led by Gail Moody-Byrd , which we are running to provide more accurate member information, as well as make your user experience better. We realize that there are dormant accounts in the system that make it difficult for you to find people you are looking for.  We want to clean these up.  We also want to be able to provide accurate information about the number of members and their level of engagement with the Community., because it’s the best way for us to be able to understand Community behavior and address improvements to make member experiences more positive.

Project Get Back will help.  Here are the project goals:

  • Active Members – Get up-to-date information in their profiles and ask them to approve the latest terms of use.
  • Dormant and Pre-2006 Members – Reach out to these members to determine if they will ever be active (again). Determine if they are candidates for data clean up.
  • Service Marketplace (“S users”, who may not realize they have access to SCN) – Raise their awareness and invite them to join the Community.  Determine whether or not they should be part of the data clean up.
  • SAP Employees / New Employees – Raise this group’s awareness of SCN and how they can participate in the Community / social media to build a strong online reputation.

Here are some specific activities we’re taking to achieve these goals:

  • Technology – We realize that there are technical issues that make it difficult to log in and stay logged in to SCN.  We are working with SAP IT to provide automatic sign in, remember me, and social sign in with twitter and Facebook.  See Oliver Kohl‘s blog about the automatic sign in status, which emphasizes the impact the technical improvements will have. IT continues to work on the performance issues, and we hope to be able to re-launch auto sign in soon.  Additionally, Social sign in should be available in late Q1 / early Q2.
  • Process Improvement – We are refining the registration process to improve user experience and simplicity. We are also working with SAP IT to make the “reset password” process more consistent. (e.g. some email systems corrupt links to password reset pages.)
  • Communications – We are reaching out through the Community, emails, newsletters, and event to encourage returns to the the Community. Despite substantial increases in the number of unique visitors, we have seen significant decrease in the number of visitors who log in. As we make progress on technical improvements related to registration/log in, and add more functionality for reputation & points, we want to make sure that everyone knows about it.
  • Training – Provide training materials and sessions to those who don’t register or log in to SCN.  This training would go to S-users who are unaware of SCN, people who access SCN through search as a “grab and go” service, and those who simply don’t know anything about SCN.
  • Gamification – You can read about this project in Chip Rodgersblog. Laure Cetin  is managing the project for a launch in early April 2013, with missions, badges and points that can help members engage meaningfully, while improving the quality of content and helping people build strong online reputations. More communications and training about the Gamification project will be provided in advance of launch.

I’m sure many of you are wondering what you can do if you have 2 or more accounts on SCN, each with content and points. There are cases in SCN where people have changed jobs/companies and created new SCN accounts to reflect the new email, and we understand why you would want to combine the accounts to keep all of your content and reputation in one account. Unfortunately there is no automated way to do it at this time. Although a couple of manual merges were done earlier the process is not scalable and we cannot offer it as a Community-wide solution. We have opened a ticket for Jive, but they have not yet committed to deliver the capability. We continue to push for this, as well as explore options to customize a solution ourselves. None of the duplicate accounts will be disabled because we know that you want to eventually merge them.

Look for further updates to this project in the About SCN space.  I encourage you to comment and ask questions.  I’ll address them as much as possible. 

And please remember to click through the email you receive and log in to update your information.  Thank you!

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      Nishan Dev S

      Hello Jeanne,

      Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

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