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The Ten Commandments of Enterprise Mobility Management Meets Noah’s Arc and other biblical stories

SAP attended and presented earlier this month at the VeliQ “Move the Big M” conference in Rotterdam.  VeliQ is an SAP mobility partner that’s done well with both larger enterprises and regional partners.   In putting together the SAP presentation I wanted to offer a bit of European humor but also add in a few mobile lessons from our 200,000+ customers and partners.  The result was good entertainment and good common sense.

On a related note, the SAP Mobile team will be overseas again starting next week at the Mobile World Congress Event in Barcelona. Stop by for a demonstration or discussion or to share some of your own Mobile experiences.

Please feel free to suggest other EMM Commandments, we’ll make more room in the Arc.

10. Thou Shall not covet thy co-workers device. Even if it’s really cool new BYOD, control over the device is the owners.  Signing your company BYOD policy doesn’t mean giving ultimate all-knowing control.  There are limits …

9. No bearing false witness in the mobile world. Jail breaking is illegal in the real world too after all.  Falsifying your persona on apps or devices is a bad idea.  Except if you’re a hacker …

8. “Borrowing” devices with permission is fine. Permanent unauthorized mobile device, app or content use is stealing.  I’ve heard of this working in European art museums with Picasso paintings but it simply doesn’t translate to the mobile enterprise.

7. Adultery in some circles or genres e.g. USA 1950’s block parties was “acceptable.”  But proper content on corporate devices (byod or corporate owned) is essential. Web/app content filtering is quickly coming into mobile vogue.  New app reputation service offerings are coming to market and rating apps include Applipedia

6. Death according to some religions is just an interim state on the spirit escalator.  Killing a lost or stolen device is however your God-given right. Same commandment applies to corporate owned apps and mobile docs or other IP assets.

5. Honoring your family is good common sense.  How far does Mobile honor extend though?  Must every piece of content be siloed in windows, Android or iOS ecosystem?   No!  Variety is the spice of life and should be embraced.  After all, can’t we all simply co-exist on this mobile icon we call Earth.

4. Certain days are special in the mobile world.   OS update days, bug fix days, shiny new app days and maybe even a new devices “birthday.” Mobile workers on always on every day. The human psyche and the brain don’t operate in this same  24x7x366 mode.  Do what your ‘mum’ said and shut down at least once daily.  You’ll be far more productive in the end.

3. Vanity belongs to the gods and gossip mags.  The IT dept is not after playing god over your mobile usage.  They are simply enforcing a few mobile policies that ensure the company data and your mobile workplace remain in situ.  Yelling at IT or co-workers acting out simply need a bit of re-education. Give your mobile workforce easily consumable byte sized instructions (e.g. infographics) posted everywhere they go. You’ll see a drop in costly mobile admin time and expenses and you’ll have a happier workforce.

2. Bearing false mobile devices is verboten.  The smart device black market is already a force to be reckoned with as Apple and others have learned in China.  Practice safe mobility and place adequate protection over your devices, apps and content.  Don’t wait to take security action when it’s already too late.

1. Users need variety to do their different jobs. Don’t let IT become the department of no.  Too many IT groups are analogous to a rock in the middle of raging river.  Be the bridge, offer up your own personalized set of mobile commandments.  Each and every time a user gets a new app or device or consumes mobile content offer a published guideline in one centralized spot.  Place links to this commandment repository or Arc everywhere users go – Wi-Fi log on pages, intranet, help desk, cafés etc. 

Mobility is an unstoppable force.

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