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SAP Afaria Product Road Map Recording and Q/A

Thank you Mark Jordan and Don Coop for a great presentation on Feb 6th regarding SAP Afaria.

Find the product road map recording here.

Stay up to date on the Product road maps here.

Here is the full list of Q/A:

Q: What is the expected release for this next batch of innovations?

A: The Afaria roadmap presented today covered innovations
planned for the next 3 to 18 months.


Q: What about BlackBerry BBX?

A: SAP Afaria currently supports BlackBerry 5,6 and 7
devices. Recently announced BlackBerry Z10 & Q10 devices (BlackBerry 10, formerly
known as BBX) are based on a new operating system (QNX). There are no current
plans to support these devices in Afaria.

Q: What about new Blackberry Fusion?

A: Fusion is now part of the recently announced BES 10 and
allows enterprises to manage iOS and Android along with BlackBerry devices.

Q: But does Afaria somehow connect to BES or is there no API for BBX management at all?

A: Afaria does not connect to the BES. As mentioned above, at
this time there are no current plans to support BlackBerry 10 devices.

Q: Is Kindle supported too?

A: Afaria does not currently support Kindle devices but we
will continue to evaluate our offerings as our enterprise customers adopt other

Q: Any upcoming product capabilities for HTC Android MDM enhancements?

A: Afaria currently supports extended MDM capabilities
provided by Samsung, LG and Motorola who have a combined Android market share
of about 72% while HTC has 5.1% (Worldwide
Mobile Device Sales to End Users in Q32012
– Gartner Nov 2012). We will
continue to evaluate our offerings as our enterprise customers adopt other

Q: Is Linux OS supported too?

A: There are no current plans to support Linux mobile devices
(currently 2% market share declining to 1.5% by 2016 (Worldwide Mobile Device Sales to End Users in Q32012 – Gartner Nov
2012). As mentioned above, we will continue to evaluate our offerings as our
enterprise customers adopt other manufacturers.  There are also no plans to support the Afaria
server on Linux.

Q: SUP/Afaria,SAP NW Mobile, SAP Business Objects Mobile – Are they three different platform,approach?

A: SAP mobile platform architecture is a separate topic. The mobile platform team will make announcements as the platform evolves.

Q: Integrate Afaria and SUP.  Current state and future plan?

A: Many customers use both products today, SUP to build and
package mobile apps and Afaria to manage devices and apps. SUP customers can
currently embed the Afaria Static Link Library to automate app setup so that
the end user does not have to enter things like server address, user name, etc.
The less the user has to enter, the better.

Q: NitroDesk support sounds great for iOS, but can we use Afaria to block the ability to
configure the native email clients to stop users putting their account details
into it? In the case where we only want to use NitroDesk to manage email on the

A: A user can always attempt to manually configure Mail,
Contacts and Calendar accounts.

Q: Can you prevent user from disabling/un-enrolling by user on IOS?

A: No, Apple requires that a user be allowed to remove their
device from MDM but customers can set up an Alert to be notified when this
happens. Users who un-enroll devices would no longer have access to corporate
email on that device. Required and optional apps deployed with MDM would also
be automatically removed from un-enrolled devices. Users could optionally also
receive a customizable email and/or and APNS message. Finally, in a future
planned Afaria release, customers that also have implemented Cisco ICE will be
able to block Wi-Fi access to un-enrolled or compromised devices. Cisco ISE
will re-direct the user to a web page that lets the user know why access is
blocked and a link to their Afaria Self Service Portal to begin the enrollment

Q: Anycapability to detect un-enrollment immediately?

A: Un-enrollment notification from the client goes through
Apple Push Notification Service, so there is always some level of delay.

Q: What is PKI?

A: Wikipedia has a well-written page on PKI. On Wikipedia, “A
public-key infrastructure (PKI) is a set of hardware, software, people,
policies, and procedures needed to create, manage, distribute, use, store, and
revoke digital certificates”.


Q: What about the reports of Afaria 7.0? Device Registry etc?

A: Afaria offer the following reporting capability.

Alerting: Afaria Alerting functionality includes the ability for
administrators to define, view and acknowledge alerts to meet their business
and compliance requirements. For example, an alert can be created based on an
iOS user removing their device from MDM control or a client attempting to run a
session to a disabled tenant or a device was remediated. Alerts can also send
alerts via email and SNMP traps.

Usage Reports include Number of Devices by Operating system (OS), Number
of Devices by Carrier, Number of Devices by Manufacturer, Number of new devices
added each month by OS, Ownership of Devices [Corporate/Personal]. Activity
reports include Roaming activity of Devices [Data/Messaging/Voice],
International, Roaming activity of Devices in time, Number of devices that
exceed the defined activity threshold and Data, Voice and Messaging Usage by

Compliance Reports include Devices that are compromised (iOS & Android),
Number of Devices that have not connected within a specified time limit, Number
of iOS Devices without a password policy, Number of Devices that are out of
compliance (by platform), Number of Devices that have access violations (by

Costs Reports Afaria collects Telecom Expense Management data (voice,
data, texting) in near real-time to monitor usage and collect geo-location
data. Additionally, Afaria provides WebService API
s to allow local/regional Telecom Expense management
providers to access Afaria collected data to import into their systems.
The data is stored in a SQL database which can be used as a data integration
source as well.  Activity, threshold and customized reports are available
to the users of the administrative console.

Other Reports Application reports include Number of Enterprise
Applications installed by month, Top 10 Enterprise Applications by installation
status, Volume Licensing status for Enterprise applications, Top 10 Enterprise
Applications by platform and installation status and Number of Enterprise
applications that are out of version.

Afaria is also integrated with SAP Business Objects to create several business intelligence reports out of the box
utilizing data from Afaria. Customers only need the SAP Analytics runtime
license for users who would be accessing the reports.

Q: Most of the current and future functionality seems to be oriented towards consumer devices
(phones).  What does Afaria offer for management of enterprise rugged devices for line of business application use?

A: Afaria supports Windows Mobile devices. Most rugged
devices run Windows Mobile and are supported by Afaria.

Q: Is there a document on how to integrate Afaria with businessobjects bi4?

A: SAP Services has developed a Rapid Deployment Service package
to assist with integrating with Business Objects.

Q: Some of our customers already use other content management systems like Dropbox/Box. Are
there any plans for enhanced integration with these services?

A: That would be a question for the SAP Mobile Docs product team.


Q: What is the timeframe for document management?

A: SAP Mobile Docs is planned for Q1 2013 release.


Q: is it plan to manage the high availability for the master?

A: Masterless farm capability is planned for a future Afaria
release as part of our continuing cloud and scalability enhancements.

Q: Will Document Management be based on ?

A: SAP Mobile Docs is an SAP-developed app. SAP also has a
partnership with


Q: Are there plans for a blacklist/whitelist for apps (ie: dropbox) for devices that are
under mdm control

A:  Afaria currently supports blacklist apps today for Samsung & LG devices.

Q: Sorry, any iOS blacklist capability?

A:  Yes, app blacklists for iOS is on the roadmap
longer term.

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