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Solution Manager 7.1 SP 5 Troubleshooting guide for System monitoring, E2E Diagnostics, JSM Health check and performance issues

While implementing System monitoring for ABAP systems, E2E Diagnostics for Enterprise Portal and JSM health check forABAP systems; we faced many unexpected issues. Some issues were only in Production environment and not in Quality/Development environment of SolMan. I have tried to document those issues and the solutions we used. Hope this will help the SolMan consultants who are facing these issues in their implementation. We were on SolMan 7.1 SP 5.

1           Functionality: System monitoring

1.1           Issue: Alerts not generated


1) The background job SAP_ALERT_CALCULATION_ENGINE (runs every minute)

This job is the main calculation job for all metrics, events and alerts. If this job is not running properly, no alerts will ever be generated.


If the engine job is not scheduled, you can execute the step in


Basic Configuration -> Step 5 Configure Automatically -> Create Alert Calculation Job.

Screen shots:
Pic 1.png
5 minutes after executing this step the first metrics should be green.


2) The DPC push web service and EFWK resource manager

Without this service, no metrics can be pushed from the managed system to the solution manager, resulting in grey metrics and no alerts.


Go to the Basic Configuration -> Step Configure automatically (5) and execute the following steps


  • “Setup Extractor Framework” and
  • “Basic DPC Configuration” .


Screen shots:


1.2           Issue: Custom template assignment to host not getting activated

Error message as below

The content for monitoring use case T_SYS_MON of MO <Host name>  was deleted MO <Host name>, type HOST, will be configured with template <custom template name>” version 0999 Could not set Collection Context ID for metric 4926BF5991934B10E10000000A42193A on Managed Object 0050569D004F1EE1B9E502B922B78E11 Collection Context “SolMan Host” for Managed Object 0050569D004F1EE1B9E502B922B78E11 not found.



  The error message “Collection Context SolMan Host for Managed Object 0050569D760C1EE1ABE8E54E4BCDF584 not found.” is raised for a availability metric of a host. This metric is collected via the SMD agent of the Solution Manager host. Therefore the Solution Manager system itself has to be configured for technical system monitoring.

You can proceed as the following:

1) Open workcenter Solution Manager Setup => Technical Monitoring => System Monitoring.

2) Go to step “Define Scope” and select the technical system of the Solution Manager and click on next.

3) In the setup monitoring step you can now assign templates to the technical system, instances and hosts. However you can leave the default one as it is.

4) Click on “Apply and Activate” to execute the configuration.

5) Now you have to reconfigure (same procedure as for the Solution Manager system, which I just described) the technical monitoring for the managed system that had the errors.

6) Once you have activated the custom template for the system in error; you can deactivate the Solution Manager system monitoring if required.


Screen shots:


1.3           Issue: Alerts not generated in email, but available in system ‘Technical monitoring’


Managed object not active in the template

You can proceed as follows:


1) Open workcenter Solution Manager Setup => Technical Monitoring => System Monitoring.
2) Goto ‘template maintenance’ tab => Managed Object => Select the system for which the alert email is not generating => Apply and activate the managed
object here.

Screen shots:


2       Functionality: JSM Health check

2.1      Issue: Error message “You don’t have authorization to see the reports list”


Solution: SM_BPM_BI authorization Object missing from the profile of the current user.

2.2      Issue: No data in JSM weekly / Monthly report



Execute report


Click ‘Yes’ for “Active BI Content might be overwritten. Continue?” there may be a popup for “Select Source Systems”, just click on “yes” to continue.

2) The report E2E_HK_CONTROLLER does the aggregation work for the InfoCubesconfigured in table E2E_BI_AGGREGATE on a daily basis and is therefore responsible for the data transfer from 0SM_JSM_H to 0SM_JSM_D and 0SM_JSM_W. Ensure this job is executed.

3      Functionality: Diagnostics

3.1      Issue: Overview tab not getting any data in the workload analysis and exception analysis


  1. Go to SM59 and check the TCP/IP connections for MDX PARSER

If you have the following error: “ERROR: timeout during allocate”


Apply SAP Note Nr. 1032461 manually.

You will have Unicode version of librifc32u.dll in the system; but as per this note sap suggests to use a non-Unicode version of this dll. Keep your Unicode version of DLL intact and have non-Unicode dll as well. Both types of DLL files Unicode and non-unicode should exist in system.  As this connection still uses the non-unicode DLL file.


  1. Also, “E2E BI HOUSEKEEPING” job should be optimized and should execute after midnight every day.


3.2           Issue: Scenario operations button missing from define scope tab



Apply below SAP note.


Note 1753639 – Adding the “Scenario Operations” button on Define scope step


4        General (Performance tuning)

4.1       Issue: Application log not getting deleted and DB size is increasing leaps and bounds.
SolMan_BTC user does not have authorization to delete the application log




Apply SAP note 1570399

  1. Download role SAP_BI_E2E from service marker place
  2. Add the missing object in your custom role (ZSAP_BI_E2E ) if any
  3. Assign this to user SM_EFWK and SOLMAN_BTC

5          Appendix


Support pack details of the system where I faced these issues.


Solution Manager 7.1 SP 5



Smita Kumar

SAP Lead consultant

Tata Consultancy Services

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