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SAP BODS – SAP ECC Connection Setup & Datastore Creation in Data Services

Hi Friends

The below content explains step by step procedure of establishing connection between SAP ECC and SAP Data Services.

followed by creating datastore from SAP Dataservices which connects SAP ECC.

Steps to Connect BODS and SAP:

Go to the below directory in the Dataservices Application Server.

D:\Program Files (x86)\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Data Services\Admin\R3_Functions\transport

(We require the below files to get connected to SAP ECC and view the metadata of SAP ECC from SAP Dataservices)

copy K900086.R63(co-file) and paste in D:\usr\sap\trans\cofiles

Copy R900086.R63(data-file) in the same directory and paste in D:\usr\sap\trans\data

Logon to SAP ECC :

Go to transaction STMS.

Press F5 or click on Truck icon under Transport management system.

Under Queue, double click on our system name. for example EH4.

     Go to Extras in the toolbar—>other requests—>Add.

    You will see a popup window as Add Transport Request to Import Queue.

     Press F4.

     You will see popup window with a single tab Restrictions, under this tab you should notice our co-file R63K900086.

     Click on Tick mark

     Click Yes.

     Select Queue tab then select Start Import at upper left corner or simply press Ctrl+F9.

    Enter target client 800, and select radio button Immediate.

    Click on continue(Tick) mark.

Observe tick mark under St(status)

Goto /nSE37.

   Press F4. 

   Press Enter.

Click on Test/Execute or press F8.

Again click F8.

Click on (Save)Continue or press Enter.

You will notice a screen Test Function Module: Result Screen.

In BODS Environment

Logon to BODS and login to Designer

Creation of SAP Application Datastore

Go to Designer and create new Data store .

You will see Create New Data Store window.

there, fill the following details:

                                    Data Store Name: SAP_DS (some meaning full name)

                                    Data Store Type: SAP Applications

                                    Application Server: XXXXX (ECC app server details, we should get from basis/customer)

                                    User name: XXXXX  (we should get from basis/customer)

                                    Password: XXXX  (we should get from basis/customer)

Click on Advanced>> tab and fill the following details.

                                    ABAP Execution option: Generate and execute (this detail depends upon the box which we are using)

                                    Client No:800

                                    System No:15

                                    Data Transfer method: Shared Directory

                                    Working directory on SAP server: D:\usr\sap\<XXXXX>\work\BODS Data (we should get from basis/customer)

                                    Application path to the shared directory: D:\usr\sap\<XXXXX>\work\BODS Data (we should get from basis/customer)


     Click Apply.

     Click Ok

    Note that the Data store (SAP_DS) name in  Local object library, under  datastores.

We have successfully established connection between BODS and SAP ECC and now we can get SAP table data.

I would like to thank my friend Bala Krishna who assisted me a lot in creating this document.

Hope this will be useful for you…please get back to me if you have questions/clarifications..  


Narayana Murthy

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