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Join the #SCN Google+ page!

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We’re excited to announce that SCN now has a Google+ account. We already have a strong social presence on Facebook and Twitter but we’ve seen that mentors and other influential community members are early adopters and very active in Google+ and we’ve decided to join them.

When you head over to our Google+ page right now, you’ll find the content topics shared are similar to what you see on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, but one of the unique aspects of Google+ is that we can create circles around different topics. So if you’re interested in everything cloud, you can raise your hand to be in our cloud circle, filled with all the latest SCN cloud content we can find. With these new content circles you would only receive SCN content around the topics that are important to you.

Along with content circles, another cool Google+ feature is “hangouts.” Google+ hangouts can make it easy for community members who are interested in similar topics to join discussions from around the world. These hangouts are live video chats where up to 10 people can sync up to talk about the latest trends in mobile, or to share tips for working with ABAP, and all from the comfort of their own home.

We’re hoping that you’ll join us on our Google+ journey, as we begin using these new features and expanding our content. And, don’t forget to let us know what you’d like to see in this space, from certain topic circles to specific hangouts, and more.

SCN Googleplus.jpg
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