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ADT Basics: Transport Organizer

Transport Organizer is now available in ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse, and enables ABAP developers to perform the basic Transport related operations.

For a quick introduction, you may watch this video

The key capabilities are

  • Fully integrated with ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse
  • Creating, changing, deleting transport tasks
  • Adding Users
  • Releasing Transport Requests, Tasks
  • Viewing transport requests, tasks and ABAP objects of any user
  • Quick filtering for Request, Tasks, Objects of any user

Transport Organizer is available in ABAP Development Tools 2.0 in combination with 731 SP6 (and later releases\SPs).

For more information about the Transport Organizer please refer to the detailed documentation within the ABAP Development Tools (Help menu -> Help Contents -> ABAP Development User Guide).

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  • Hi Raghuvira,

    if I want to refresh the transports I’m getting the following error in the ADT transport organizer:


    An internal error occurred during: “Loading transport requests…”.

    Invalid XML format of the response. Usually this is a programming error, but occasionally this is caused by an outdated client. Details: Feature ‘dummy_uri’ not found. (platform:/resource/project/, 1, 982)

    I’m on NW 7.31 SP 6 with ADT 2.0 (the newest in SAP Service Market Place).

    Any idea?

    Best regards


    • Hi Uwe,

      It looks like a fix is missing in the IDE in service market place. We will provide a patch for this ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      Best Regards,


    • Hi Uwe,

      We have now updated the IDE in service market place with the fix for the issue you had reported.

      If you have any feedback for the transport organizer tools, please let me know

      Best Regards,


      • Thank you Raghuvira, now it works 🙂

        Wish for the next release: different icons for the object types in the transport request.

        Edit: just saw in your video, that in your system you have different icons. In my system I only have the SAP icon for all kinds of objects.

  • Hi everyone,

    while trying to expand the transports in the “Transport Organizer” view I got the following error:

    ‘Loading transport requests…’ has encountered a problem.

    An internal error occurred during: “Loading transport requests…”.

    Details: An internal error occurred during : “Loading transport requests…”.


    I am using:

    Frontend: Version: Luna Service Release 2 (4.4.2)

    Backend: Netweaver 7.40 SP-Level 0009

    I compared the request with an other system that works fine and found the following difference in the GET command:

    Here I get the error: GET /sap/bc/cts/transportrequests?targets=true&user=RBR

    This work’s: GET /sap/bc/cts/transportrequests?user=BERGERR4

    Any ideas how I will get the view working again?

    Kind regards


    • Hi again,

      on a Netweaver 7.40 SP-Level 06 everything work’s fine.

      on a Netweaver 7.40 SP-Level 10 everything work’s fine (also with the parameter targets=true).

      Is there maybe a bug in SP-Level 09?

      Kind regards


  • Hello Raghuvira,

    Do you know if it’s possible to filter the Transports based on the ABAP Projects I have defined in Eclipse?

    I have 4 different Dev systems, and when I am working with one of them, I would like to hide the other 3 in the Transport Organizer View:


    Sergio Fraga


  • Hi,

    I was looking at the option to include object in the task which is possible from SAP GUI. It looks like this feature is not available. I also checked the documentation and only following task can be performed from the request editor. I guess we still need to rely on GUI for some tasks.

    1.Changing Short and long description
    2.Changing the Owner of Transport Requests and Tasks
    3.Changing Target
    4.Changing CTS Project
    5.Releasing Tasks
    6.Releasing Transport Requests
    7.Adding Users to a Transport Request
    8.Checking Consistency of Objects
    9.Deleting Tasks
    10.Removing ABAP Objects from Request or Task
    11.Share links


    ~Hemanth Raya