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Hi All,

Problem Behind:

In most of the scenarios we end up using function modules instead of class methods, as there is no proper way of searching class methods as like the function modules. For searching a Function Module we go to SE37 and can search either with Name or with Description.

Many of us don’t know the proper way of searching the Class-Methods. For Examples the possible reasons might be as follows

  1. 1. Sometimes we know the Method and we don’t know the Class.
  2. 2. Sometimes we know what for we are searching, like “Upload a file on our desktop” but we don’t know the Method to do this.
  3. 3. Sometimes we know the Class and we don’t know the Method.

In all the above mentioned scenarios there is a simple possible way to find/search the Class-Methods.


There is a View Table VSEOMETHOD which will give you the list of Classes and Methods.

For example: We would like to display a URL address and we need a Class method to do so.

Then we can search in the View table as shown in the below screen shots. There are several ways to play around. The below mentioned are just some of the examples that are shown for searching a Class-Method.

1. Enter the Description in the Description field asshown below.


The result for the above search is shown below


2. Another way for searching, Enter the description in the Component as shown below.


The result for the above search is shown below


There are several ways to search class methods. This is the easiest way which we could make use, especially for the people who worked on Procedural programming in ABAP and then moved to CRM which is completely Object Oriented.

Hope this document helps every one.

Thanks & Regards,

Venkat Sesha

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    1. V S BHARGAV MYLAVARAPU Post author

      Hi Christian,

      There are several ways to find the class methods. But it was clearly mentioned that the find is like Function Module search.

      This is one easiest way among several ways to search Class methods.

      The Important this is that you dont find the Class methods in SE80 “Other Object” for release 640 in SAP 4.6. Where in the View table is available for all versions in SAP. 🙂

      Hope this clears your question.


      Venkat Sesha.


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