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How can I add my own subscreens to “Basic order view” for plant maintenance order?

If you know about using the customizing called “Basic order view”, and you found this not sufficient. Follow this hint.

I found the following screens you can put on your own-designed tabs:

001 Responsibilities

002 Reference Object

003 Dates (Overview)

004 Dates (Enhanced)

005 Header Long Text as Control (23 Lines)

006 Header Long Text as Control (10 Lines)

007 Operation Details (with Tab Pages)

008 Operation Details, Selected Fields

010 Partner Overview

011 Partner Overview (Small)

012 Addresses

013 Service Data

014 Notification Data

030 Obsolete: Operations (Fullscreen)

031 Obsolete: Operations (15 Lines)

032 Obsolete: Operations (6 Lines)

033 Operations (Fullscreen)

034 Operations (As Subscreen, 15 Lines)

035 Operations (As Subscreen, 6 Lines)

040 Components (Fullscreen)

041 Components (As Subscreen, 15 Lines)

042 Components (As Subscreen, 6 Lines)

What about adding something like:

050 account assignment             like the subscreen on tab “location” – screen number 7000


OSS-Note 1673036 helps


call sm30 and maintain the needed entry in the view: V_IWOT_SUB,

you can look for the existing Dynpros that you can use in se80 for FUGR IWO_UI_UI

f.e. dynpro 0280 carries the account assignment.

enter the following entry in the sm30:

028 SAPLIWO_UI_UI 0280 account assignment.

you don’t need to adjust the textelements in the program ‘SAPLIWO_UI_UI’ as described in the note.

Nevertheless no guarantee for this – be careful, the data are owned by SAP!!

Best regards


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    • Hi Nathan,

      thx for the hint. In our system (ECC 6.06) this business function (existing since 6.02) is not implemented (to be correct: not activated)

      Best regards


      • That’s odd.  It’s a prerequisite for a solution we are implementing from SAP that requires that we add a new subscreen to the work order view

        The documentation ( says…

        Basic order view

        You can use additional screen areas in the basic order view. This means that you can determine which fields appear on the tab pages of an order. For example, you can define the screen areas for the cost overview and cost details.

        … so I was under the impression that this function was required for V_IWOT_LNK and _PROF to show up.  If that’s not the case, do you have any idea in which way this functionality is enhanced by LOG_EAM_SIMP?

        • Hi Nathan,

          sorry I have no idea. Maybe you have access to another SAP-system like ERP5 and check it there.

          I guess your question will have a bigger chance to be answered when you post it in the basics / EhP forum.

          all the best


    • Hi Nathan,

      our decision was now to work with the basic order view as template. Therefore I had to check for latest OSS notes. At least I had to implement these ones:











      In note

      0001680864 it is mentioned to activate the business function LOG_EAM_CI_6.

      Check for this one as well.

      Hope that helps

      Best regards


  • Just got the message that SAP has taken more available screens into customizing themselves.

    Must be from ECC 60604 on

    … because we have 60603