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FPM Forms Scripting (Continued)…

My last blog ( walks through the basic scripting (i.e. dynamically controlling the UI attributes like Visibility and Editable nature) in FPM Forms. Though you can do many things using the backend services, but there is definitely a restriction to this functionality provided in the backend services i.e. if you want to change the label text dynamically or dynamically control the tool tip text, you would never be able to achieve this using the back end service. This might be a common scenario where you would have a Global form, but you would have the labels for the form fields controlled as per country. Well, I did quiet a bit of research on how to achieve this functionality. After understanding the new framework fully, I did find a new place where I can achieve this functionality, though this approach is not a direct route to the solution, but at least it’s an attempt to reach the solution under best practices.


Every HCM Process and forms based FPM Form is linked to a Feeder Class like –


This feeder class has a method – GET_DEFINITION with exporting parameter – ET_FIELD_DESCRIPTION that controls the various attributes of UI elements –



The ET_FIELD_DESCRIPTION for Form layout has the following fields –


Using this parameter, you can now control various attributes of every UI element defined in the form layout i.e. Label, Tool tip, etc. In order to achieve the required functionality create a Post exit using Enhancement framework to the method – GET_DEFINITION.

Wish list

  1. Ideally I wish to have the UI Attributes controlled from the back end services. The INITIALIZATION and DO_OPERATIONS methods should have the CHANGING Parameter i.e. ET_FIELD_DESCRIPTION which should have the above structure.
  2. If my first wish is not feasible, I would at least expect some kind of BADI to control the UI Attributes alone rather than building these custom enhancements (Pre/Post/Overwrite exits).

Let me know if you have a similar wish list 🙂

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  • Good one Raja, I was faced with similar problem and I also resorted to modifying this class only. When I used to work with Adobe forms I was able to set service flags with help of java script. And I used these service flag to identify which UI element was clciked and which part of the code logic I should execute in generic services, this is not possible in the FPM forms. so I had to enhance this class. Do you know of any straight forward approach?

    • Thanks Prabhu,

      Well, as far as I know, you can control the visibility of fields in the Generic service class(appropriate configuration should be in place) in INITIALIZE and DO_OPERATIONS, but for typical scenarios like changing labels dynamically we have to go ahead enhancing this class.  As of today, SAP didn’t provide any direct option. Indeed as you have seen my wishlist, I hope to see SAP expanding the Generic Service functionality to do any kind of UI Attributes functionality.


      Raja Sekhar

  • Hi Raja,

    Need one help pls. We are implementing FPM forms(HRASR_DT).


    1.Now the portal configurations are not yet done or rather I would say dont have idea about the portal config, so that we can test the form from portal.

    2. Trying to test FPM forms from hrasr_dt, but when I execute the process the next screen(tcode: HRASR_TEST_PROCESS) comes, but the radio button is disabled there to select whether we want to execute it via R/3 or Web dynpro.

    Help required

    1. Can you pls tell me, any other way to test the FPM form

    2. Or if you have any document portal configuration(I can get it done from Portal guys)

    Waiting for your reply ASAP.

    Thanks & Regards


    • Hi Sajat,

      Check whether the process is based on FPM, if yes, it will get executed and lauch the WDA screen. Some processes can be based on Adobe.


      • Hi Raghav,

        Also when we double click on the process and click on execute button, it will take us to Tcode hrasr_test_process. There in the selection screen Radio button to select whether you want to run the form in R/3 or Webdynpro. Please refer the attached screenshotBlog.jpgis not enabled now.

        • Hi sajal,

          this is just a report RPASR_TEST_PROCESS_EXECUTION, may be you have not switched on some component in Swf5, please check the business components.

          HCM_ESS_WDA_1, HCM_ESS_WDA_2, HCM_ESS_WDA_3, HR_ASR_CI_1, HR_ASR_CI_2,HR_ASR_CI_3,HR_ASR_CI_4,HR_ASR_CI_5. these should be ON.