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Actions to take for increasing spool data (table TST03)

My client is facing huge increase on table TST03 due to frequent use of spool data, and this is starting to affect performance of the production system.

Although currently it is fine with deleting spool data after 10 days by house keeping job,

I believe once user increase (when other entities get into production later), start using the system and output spool,

it will result in worse performance for the system.

If anyone experienced a system using a huge number of spool data,

can you advise me what kind of action you took for this?

Here are some details.

System: SAP ERP 7.2

Quantity of Spool Data: Around 7,000 per day (80% of these are immediate output from smartforms)

The current size of table TST03: 90GB (DB total is 300GB)

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  • Thank you Mr.Shahnas.

    What I am looking for is some solution except that, first of all due to user requirement, and secondly because I believe although we make it like 5 or 7 days, it will anyway reach a huge number of data when few hundred new users start joining the system.

  • You can look at why aren’t these spools deleted immediately once they are printed.

    There could be case of keeping spools in system once they are printed for some outputs but for others for example a spool generated from report output should be deleted as this can be reprinted again from report without much effort.

    There are several places you can make changes, some of this will involve ABAPer/functional consultants, to implement this ‘delete after output’.

    1. Check ‘delete after output’ in user profile. This will by default delete the spool once they are printed, however user can change this while printing individual document in case he/she really mean to keep spool.

    2. Output control setting can be changed to ‘delete after output’ enabled for documents like, purchase order, sales order, despatch notes etc. Not all applications in SAP uses output control some of these setting will be outside output control, consult function consultants for WM, QM etc.


    3. Some custom developed program will have this value hard-coded and will need ABAPer to change setting.