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Unix Techo Tip: Finding the right DVD Label from your media library.

Unix Techo Tip: Do you ever need to find a particular  LABEL.ASC from a big set of DVD or CD media you downloaded or extracted contents string from your media library. eg Lets say you want to find the DVD with the contents “SAPLUP:700” somewhere in your /sapcd collection.

eg lets say you have downloaded all your SAP DVDs, CDs and Patches to a central directory /sapcd

On Unix try

find /sapcd -name ‘LABEL.ASC’ -exec grep -l SAPLUP:700 {} \; -exec grep SAPLUP:700 {} \;

which will list the matching filename and the string that it matches.

eg The famous ECC6 install “Kernel NW 7.20” Software package problem



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  • Hi Glenn,

    been there, seen that, got the t’shirt and the scars.

    Excellent tip.

    I will put it in my magic Excel sheet.

    Thanks for sharing.