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Author's profile photo Lluis Salvador Suarez

Problems on ITSM Analytics/BW Reporting on solman 7.1

I decide to write a post on that forum for help Solution Manager Consultat friends on the activation on BW reporting and/or BW reporting in Sap Solution Manager 7.1. as simple activation process as follow step by step solman style procedure may be a big nightmare if you don’t take care on some considerations that can give you a huge headache. This is not a guide to help on the setup of BW reporting or ITSM interactive reporting, this is only a compilation of problems that i found while preparing a demo of full ITSM incident management plus change request and bw reporting & interactive reporting. All that information are collected from my own experience and  the professional  help from SAP AGS Consultant that have helped me during the analysis of BW reporting activation in sweatshops and their patience, especially to EC.


You can`t see working BW reporting, Interactive reporting and BW dashboards in ITSM for Solution Manager 7.1

Helpfull componnets to send a msessage to SAP if it’s needed:

CRM-ANA-OR          Interactive Reporting

SV-SMG-SUP-REP  BW Reporting on ITSM


***The firts and more important, remember that if you would enjoy of a sucesfull activation SAP recomend that you setup the ITSM BW reporting on the same client where BW are runing; if you select to work with ITSM on a diferent client of BW…..good luck mate 😉

Think that there is a little difference from BW reporting and Interactive Reporting; the activation process of that tools are really different between themselves; while ITSM BW reporting and BW dashboards setup is done on solman_setup transaction “itsm” funcionality Interactive reporting need some additional steps as indicated on document “SAP ITSM Analytics on SAP Solution”.

You can check the functionality of interactive reports directly from WebUI under ORDYWB->go to->BO Content Activation Workbench; and remember before to activate BI content to select all content bundles.

Recommended Checks:    (thinks that this list is not a setp by step guide to solve problems, is only a compilation of check)

1.- For Interactive Reporting, check if after BW activation you can see some errors under transaction /CRMBW/CONFIG_WIZARD; you have to fix all red alerts on result log.

2.- Check if you can see data on “DSO 0SPRLDATA” on BW.

3.- Check all jobs from extractor framework that collect data with name like “EFWK”; like  EFWK RESOURCE MANAGER and sure that user that run that jobs have correct autorization roles.

4.- Run support report “AICCMSBI_SUPPORT_TOOL” select option “P_INC” and read the resulting log message on last column.

5.- Check if BW activation are complete under Incident Magement Workcenter, you will fin that un Incident Management Workcenter, Reports options and on the right hand select “setup”; “Apply the BI settings” and “Apply Extraction Settings”, from the last one take care about the date that you would start to collect data (message creation date).

6.- Check Note 1543145 if you need to reload all data and erase the remain data to make a clear analysis, you can use also report “SVCP_LOAD_MESSAGE_DATA”.

Recommended Links:

link from SAP help

Related Notes:

Note 1570399 – Solution Manager BI reporting

Note 1421507 Incident Management Reporting Central Note

Note 481835 – Analyzing the time zone settings. (no muy relevante)

Note 198411 – Current data and information about time zones (no muy relevante)

Note 1760274 – SAP Solution Manager: BW data processing jobs

Note 1543145 – Initialization of Incident Management Reporting.

Related Documents:

“SAP ITSM Analytics on SAP Solution”




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      Author's profile photo Oziel Ulloa Palma
      Oziel Ulloa Palma

      Hello Luis:

           Thanks a lot for your tips!

           I'm having an issue trying to execute the interactive reporting for ChaRM:

           Internal inconsistency CL_CRM_OR_REPORTRESULT========CM001 176 METHOD CONSTRUCTOR

           Everything is configured and the report /CRMBW/CONFIG_WIZARD returned no errors.

           Do you have any idea about this?

           Thanks and regards


      Author's profile photo Lluis Salvador Suarez
      Lluis Salvador Suarez
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Oziel, don't know that error, can you share a screenshot when you get that message ? maybe it help to see the problem.



      Author's profile photo Oziel Ulloa Palma
      Oziel Ulloa Palma

      Hello Luis:

           Here you can see the error:



           I've already solved this issue applying the Note: 1690182


           Although  the query is comming empty 🙁

           I'll continue digging


      Author's profile photo Lluis Salvador Suarez
      Lluis Salvador Suarez
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Oziel, check that document, maybe you already got it.



      Author's profile photo Himanshu sharma
      Himanshu sharma

      Very informative post Luiz.




      Author's profile photo zeynep atalar
      zeynep atalar

      Hello Luis,

      I would like to ask you a question about reporting in SolMan. I' m a little bit confused about different reporting tools.

      Do we need a BW connection also for CRM Interactive Reporting? If yes, is  it also recomended to have it in the same client with SolMan?

      Thanks in advance,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      We have solution manager 7.1 SP10, unable to see data in DSO 0SPRLDATA, 0SPR_BP. BW and ITSM client is same

      Please help if any one can share resolution


      Author's profile photo Lluis Salvador Suarez
      Lluis Salvador Suarez
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Bilal, check to replicate data from RSA1, right click on data source and click on replicate data.

      After that, check again /CRMBW/CONFIG_WIZARD transaction.