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Issue in Redwood

Hi All,

We’ve a requirement as follows,

There are two jobs

Job A : Runs at every 3 mins.

Job B: Runs on succesfull completion of Job A.

Here is the problem , if Job B is running for long time and the next scheudule of the Job A started & completed  and it raises one more event.. Now we have two Job B are active and updating duplicate line items for respecctive program.

My requirement is : Next run of the Job should not start , if the previous is still running active in SAP & it has to clear the raise event automatically .

An elaborate procedural reply would be much appreciated.


Narayana Rao

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  • Next time, please post your questions on the forums – ‘create a discussion’.

    For your qs, my suggestion would be to create a job chain with

    step 1 – Job A

    step 2 – Job B

    and schedule the job chain every 3 mins.

    • Thanks Nanda. I have already implemented. if we move this to Job chain ; next run of the job chain starts after completion of Job B.

      But business not accepted this solutiion.. since the Job A is very critical to business that has to run every 3 mins at any cost.

      Pls help me.

      • Then i would suggest using the locks.

        Create a lock for job B.

        When two jobs have the same job lock and one of the two has the status {RUNNING} the other job will not start until the first job has finished.