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BusinessObjects Design Studio: The Next Episode Part 2

Part 2 of Design Studio ASUG webcast continues with SAP’s Jie Deng building a mobile application, showing a brief roadmap and includes very detailed question & answer session.   These are my notes.  Part 1 of this blog is here


Figure 1: Source SAP

Note the page indicator in Figure 1, it shows that is is the second page of the mobile application.


Figure 2: Source SAP

Now Jie is creating a custom style sheet (CSS).

Figure 2 shows the CSS script Jie copied from, it is named custom.css.  She is defining the data cell total with a yellow color, header cell total in yellow.

Figure 2 shows that the CSS class name is “myTab” and this will get assigned to the CSS class property.


Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 shows that she assigns the custom.css file in the property tab of the Display section.


Figure 4: Source: SAP

Figure 4 shows the results of assigning the .CSS class to the crosstab.

So you can use the CSS to change the formatting of the line, color, background, filter panels, etc.


Figure 5: Source: SAP

Figure 5 shows you can use a CSS style to change the font size.

Summary of New Features with 1.1:
  • Combination chart
  • More Filter panel functionality 1.1
  • Panel component
  • Define CSS class

Roadmap (subject to change):


Figure 6: Source: SAP

Figure 6 shows the planned roadmap, which is subject to change and the usual SAP legal disclaimer applies.  On the left under Planned Innovation is what was covered in this webcast for version 1.1.

In 1.1 you can also go from Analysis OLAP to Design Studio

Mobile improvements includes support for iPhone

On the platform you can deploy to NetWeaver BW and Hana.

In the middle of Figure 6, the midterm includes planning functionality

On the right of Figure 6, the future direction includes conversion support and offline scenarios and broadcasting.

Question & Answer:


Q:  can you use this studio to build a planning application on IP/BPC for input enabled applications

  A: IP future / midterm phase


Q:  I see Input Field under Basic Components, does it have built in support for write-back to HANA?

  A:  no 


Q:  Also, does the script support calling BW-IP Planning Functions and Sequences?

  A:  See current roadmap slide – mid-term


Q:  Hope we can do multiple selection to apply CSS to multiple component…

  A:  Need to define general CSS and then define class, and then define different commands, and then assign components


Q:  Is Jump targets functionality available in 1.1?

  A:  Planned – not in 1.1 planned for 1.2


Q:  What are functional restrictions on NW as compared to BOE deployment?

  A:  No difference – only connect 1 BW on BOE multiple


Q:  What is the future plan for connecting to BOE universe or semantic layer?

  A:  planned for future; see mid-term roadmap


Q:  Can you use a Universe as a data source?

A: Planned for future


Q: what is the recommended strategy to migrate BEx Web Application Designer dashboards to Design Studio?

A:  SAP recommends

For Mobile scenarios or new scenarios:

– If you have scenarios which currently BEx WAD is not able to cover (like mobile requirements etc), or you are building new scenarios/Dashboards, we recommend you to start building these scenarios With Design Studio.

For the existing BEx scenarios

– we recommend you in general to start building prototypes with Design Studio to see whether the current release meets your requirements. At the same time you can gather the experience of Design Studio.  We are obviously aware that there’s still quite some gaps compared to BEx WAD but it s important to familiarize yourself with the product. The gaps will be closed over the course of the next Design Studio releases.

Design Studio has fundamental different concept comparing to BEx WAD but we are building it in a way that it is as easy as possible for a WAD user to move to the new concepts..

– If you see that the current features and functions can cover your BEx scenario , then it’s the time for you to move to Design Studio


Q: Is Design Studio to be used only with OLAP data?

A: Currently SAP BW and SAP HANA are the source systems which can provide the data to Design Studio. In the future releases we are also planning to connect other sources relational ad multidimensional.


Q: Will the scripting language be able to set default values like todays date?  Use the login id to determine initial data selection?

A: Currently it’s not possible to set default date per scripting in design studio. For this use case you can use the BW variable (actual calendar day, actual calendar month etc.) We are planning in the future release to provide this selection of current date etc  for end user in runtime.

Using Login id to determine the initial data selection goes the direction to personalization. We have planned this feature for the future releases.


Q: can we create bookmarks

A: It’s planned for the future releases.


Q: When we use the BEx BI Data sources the data studio application created would directly saved in BI platform??

A: If you want that your Design Studio application should be saved on BI Platform, you need to start Design Studio with BI Platform.


Q: Which Netweaver portal version we need to have to deploy design studio reports?

A: the required release is SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 SP9/7.31 sp7 /7.40sp2  .


Q: Is it possible to do cascading prompts in Design Studio?

Cascading prompts will be like the first prompt is to select Country. If I select USA, the next prompt should limit to all the states in USA. Then if I select Texas, the next prompt should be limited to the cities in Texas only. Can Design Studio do that?

A: Cascading is related to the backend model.

If you have BW backend system and want to cascade the selection with filter panel or dimension filter or dropdown box, this is already possible with version 1.0

With release 1.1 we are planning to support prompting with variables, then it’s also possible to have the cascading with prompts with release 1.1.

If you have HANA as backend system, then currently it’s not possible to do the cascading of filter/prompts.

If you are using BW variables in prompting, this is possible with release 1.1. If you are referring the HANA variable, then currently it’s not possible.


Q: Can we have cascading filters?

A: You can using drop-down boxes/dimension filters/filter panel cascade the filters for your data sources if your backend system is BW.


Q: Does 1.1 have dynamic visibility?

A: If this question is related to the animation for charts, then the answer is yes. With release 1.1 we are using HTML5 charts, so you can customize in Designer whether you want to see the animation for the charts or not.


Next ASUG Design Studio Webcast

ASUG members can register for the next Design Studio Webcast on March 11 Design Studio – How to Create Complex Applications

Register here.

If you are not an ASUG member you can e-mail to request a trial membership.

BI 2013 Design Studio Sessions

Design Studio will be covered at BI 2013 next month in Las Vegas – below lists a few sessions with SAP Mentor Ingo Hilgefort

Delivering interactive, data-driven BI applications and dashboards with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
Live demo: SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
Hands-on lab: SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Suite with SAP NetWeaver BW

My thanks to Jie Deng for this ASUG webcast.  The tweetdoc for this webcast is here.   Special thanks to fellow SAP Mentor / ASUG Volunteer Bhanu Gupta for her informative tweets during this webcast.

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      Author's profile photo Jeroen van der A
      Jeroen van der A

      great stuff,

      i need to read it again to learn all new things but in figure 2

      i see a Scripting header with Script Global Var beneath it.

      Was there something said about that one?

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      myTab is the CSS class and then underneath she has the total cells, etc.

      Thank you for reading/commenting.

      Author's profile photo Jeroen van der A
      Jeroen van der A

      my mistake, i should refer to image3


      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      She saved the script in Figure 2 to the repository of the application and then assigned that file to the properties in Figure 3.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Greetings, I have a query, can I manipulate the data within the Data Source? So that I can perform operations such as multiplication, subtraction. Thank you very much for your help.

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Luis - could you please ask this question in the forum and specify if you want these changes at runtime, design time, etc.