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Hiding the option to Post in Parking Transactions

One of the most annoying aspects of the Enjoy transactions (such as FV50/60/65/70/75) is the fact that these parking transactions allow anyone with access to post as well. I fully understand the architectural reasons behind doing so but I think it is critical that SAP completely default hide the “Post” button from these Enjoy transactions and also provide a simpler easier way to switch this option on or off via configuration.

No organization would permit someone to park and post at the same time – certainly this trips up Audit and auditors do not like this option.

What then are the easiest ways to solve this problem?

In my opinion the easiest and quickest way to fix this problem is to refer to SAP Note # 361420. For those of you already on versions of SAP higher than 4.6D you should have all the correction instructions already in place. But if you do not have this note applied, get the corrections applied and do the following:

Create a new Function Module. This new function module should use code as below:


if sy-tcode = ‘FV60’ or

sy-tcode = ‘FV65’ or

sy-tcode = ‘FV75’ or

sy-tcode = ‘FV70’ or

sy-tcode = ‘FV50’.

t_exctab-okcod = ‘BU’. ” do not allow to post

append t_exctab.



Then assign this Function Module to a new BTE (using FIBF code)

Activate this BTE.

Viola – test with FV50/60 etc and you should see your “Post” button or Menu option for “Post” disabled.


That is it! That is all that is required to hide the “Post” option for any Park transaction – something that should have been standard in my opinion in SAP – because it does not make sense that you should be allowed to post for a park entry.

Note that on doing this change, your Manager roles (those having FBV0 access), will need to approve documents not inside the document using the post button (since this will now be hidden) but right at the onset where they see the list of documents by going to FBV0 – > Document List and retrieving documents to approve using selection criteria and then simply selecting a document/documents and clicking on List – >Post.

Alternately if you don’t want to mess around with a BTE, simply use a transaction variant and hide the button for post. But that will necessitate the creation of a custom tcode which your users may not like.

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      Author's profile photo Steve Rumsby
      Steve Rumsby

      I've just had to deal with exactly this problem. Note that removing the post function from, say, FV50 doesn't necessarily cure the problem. The "Simulate" function takes you to a different screen which also has a post button. There's no way I know of with a transaction variant to remove that post button from the simulate screen. I ended up having to remove the simulate button from FV50.

      With transaction variants you have a choice of setting your variant as the "standard variant" and thereby affecting the standard transaction, and those based on it like FBV0, or of creating a variant transaction with a new tcode, say ZFV50, and leaving the likes of FBV0 unaffected. Which of these is appropriate for you will depend on how these various functions are distributed amongst your users.