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Quality Over Quantity (or, Reputation is Everything)

Recently I have perused the profiles of some ByDesign firms on LinkedIn, and what I saw disturbed me. The ratio of Sales people to Consultants is roughly one for one. What are the implications of this:

1. You’ll sell a lot more deals

2. You will not be able to execute on the promised made in these deals

3. You will hire any warm body to fulfill demand

4. Those warm bodies will not be ready for prime time, lacking skill and experience, and your client will suffer.

In my opinion, this is a recipe for failed implementations, and thus destruction of reputation. You are sacrificing current dollars for a sustainable business. Selling the most doesn’t make you the best. Being the best makes you the best.

In this industry, in this market space, your firm’s reputation is everything.

I repeat:


Word of bad implementations get around. I don’t imagine SAP is interested in having partners soil ByDesign in this fashion.

So my advice: Sell what you can deliver. Sell excellence. Do not sell mediocrity. We are not in ‘gold rush’ mode yet, so your failures will be public and they will not get lost in the fray.

So I beg of you, partners, be responsible with your growth, stay humble, and deliver excellence.

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      Author's profile photo Luke Marson
      Luke Marson

      Hi Judson,

      It is quite shocking that companies sell something they cannot deliver, although sadly this happens a lot and especially with some of the big consulting companies. Here it seems that there is a lack of investment in delivery resources rather than just being a "yes we can do this" selling organization.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Andreas Eissmann
      Andreas Eissmann

      Thank you Judson for this blog.

      You are definitely right, there are so many ByDesign partners who sell something they don`t understand. One example from last week...I had a call with a customer (of another partner) and he tells me, they are in a implementation project since middle of last year and they haven`t finished the fine tuning activity list yet.

      He sad to me if he would ask partner what he have to do, the partner answers "We don`t know, it`s your job...".

      Wrong world...but I think during the year a lot of these partners will be dismissed...