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How to find transport Request….

I found that most of the people create transport requests for different objects and they forget about the request numbers. In case if they hadn’t maintain the proper description of their request then it can create a headache for them. I hope this will be help full for my ABAPer fellows. Functional Consultant Can use the third method.

There are 3 main methods through which we can check transport request. I will show all of them with screen shots.

   1.  In most of our ABAP transactions as SE11, SE80, SMARTFORMS, SFP, CMOD, SE51, etc. we can find our transport request for developed object        

        through this method.

    Go to SE11 give table name.  


    Go to the GOTO and select Object Directory Entry.


    Click Lock Overview.


     Double Click the Task/Request number given, highlighted in image.


    And you are done. This is your transport request. Now select it, go to SE10 Release it and in STMS transport it to other layer in landscape.


     The same method 1 you can use for SE80 as shown in fig.


     We can use for SMARTFORMS as well.


    2.   The second method is mostly used for code areas, but we can use it on other places as well where our method 1 doesn’t give the result.

    Go to SE80 open your program and go to Utilities. Select Versions and then go to version management.


      Double click this number.


     This is your Transport request.


    3. This is the third method it is the most powerful method through which you can find all transport requests. Basically this is the database table where you have to give object type and its name and you will find its request number. This method can be used by functional consultants

        as well.

        As in our example we will find the Transport Request for Workflows.

       Go to SE16. Open table E071.


    Select Object type and press F4. It will show you the list of all objects. Search for your desire one. In our case it is PDTS.


     Give Object Name in our case customized workflows range start with 999 so I give 999* and execute it.


    This is your transport request list with your object names and there types.


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