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HANA Certification Preparation

Hi Friends,

Recently I have cleared SAP HANA 1.0 (  Exam code C_HANAIMP_1) certification successfully. I represented my organization and took the test in India(Lithan Genovate Hyderabad).

Just want to share my inputs for people who are looking for SAP HANA Certification,hope this information will be helpful for most of the HANA certification aspirants .


I have read most of the documents from SAP Marketplace and SDN Forums. 

It is good if we have HANA administration & Modelling to understand insights of SAP HANA.

I have segregated my preparation as follows

  1. TZHANA Course
  2. Modeling Guide
  3. Development Guide
  4. Master Guide
  5. Technical Operations Manual
  6. Security
  7. User Management
  8. BODS 4.0
  9. Practice on HANA box

I faced questions in the below topic wise.

  • Business Content 
  • Data Provisioning
  • Optimization
  • Data Modelling
  • Security & Authorization
  • Reporting

Examination screen will looks like below ( Please bear with the poor quality of image 🙁 )




Please reply me if you need more information

All the best…..

Narayana Murthy

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      Author's profile photo Raj Kumar Salla
      Raj Kumar Salla

      Congratulations Narayana

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      Former Member

      ThanQ Raj

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      Former Member

      Hi Narayana,

      first of all, congrats.

      I'm preparing my exam in order to be certified and I have a question about a tricky question.

      It's about which operations can be made working with attribute views (only).

      The options (as I remember) were:

      - Join

      - Referential Join

      - Text Join

      - Union

      As far as I know, both join types (referential and text are allowed while you're working with Att. views. Union it's only allowed for Calculation Views, and "Join" make me suspect in the graphical "join" box, which can only be used into Graphical calculation view designing.

      If multiple answers would have to be chosen, I would take join types first. "join" if 3 choices would have to be chosen.

      Am I right?

      Thanks for your time.

      Kind regards,


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      Former Member

      hello!! aitor garcia manterola

      according to me text join is the right answer


      text join are use to join text table to a master data table .

      text join act as a left outer join and can be use with sap tables where the language column is present.

      more explanation.

      over here text table may be the attribute views and master data table will be the fact table which will be the analytical view.

      More hints

      Referential join.

      join on attribute views is “optional”, which facts are

      returned will depend on which attributes are queried for

      text join

      only available for Attribute Views with SAP ERP tables

      (SPRAS field) or equivalent design

      acts as an INNER

      regards rehan

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      Former Member

      Thanks for your answer rehan.

      As I said, text join was a valid answer for me. The tricky thing was to face multiple valid questions and prior a good order in case of 2 or 3 correct anserws had to be chosen.

      But I probably miss the real options in the cuestion (I was trying to remember).

      You're right rehan, and in order to support a bit more your answer, I'll put this link to another topic of this forum.

      Hope this will be helpful:

      Kind regards,


      P.S.: I made to pass the certification finally. Wish you all will be as lucky as me next time!

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      Former Member

      congrats mate

      having brighter future ahead!!!