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BODS Certification Preparation

Hi Friends,

I have cleared SAP BODS 3.2 (  Exam code C_BODI_20 ) certification successfully. I represented my organization and took the test in India(Lithan Genovate Banglore ).

Just want to share my inputs people who are looking for SAP BODS Certification,hope this information will be helpful for most of the certification aspirants .

I have read most of the documents from SAP Marketplace and SDN Forums.

It is good if we have BODS administration & Installation experience to understand insights of SAP BODS.

I have segregated my preparation as follows

  1. Administration (All concepts of Repository Manager,Server Manager,Central Management Console)
  2. Performance Tuning
  3. Design Aspects
  4. File Formats
  5. All Transforms (apart from Quality TF [DI and Platform] )

I faced questions in the below topic wise.

  • Complex Design Methodology
  • Transforming Data
  • Data Management
  • Managing the DI Environment
  • DI Concepts
  • Performance Tuning & Sizing
  • Deployment Best Practices
  • Real-Time and XML
  • Advance Datastore
  • Recovery Methods-Data Integrator
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Data Profiling and Metadata Mgmt

Examination screen will looks like below ( Please bear with the poor quality of image 🙁 )




All the best…..

Narayana Murthy

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  • Could you help me with materials that I need to study? Do you know any book that I can read or just read SAP  docs is enough for take the exam?

    Best regards

  • Hi Narayana,

    Can you please elaborate the ” Complex Design Methodology ” & Deployment Best Practices topic, i am not able to find it any where?

    All help is appreciated!



    • Hi Krish,

      I have cleared C_DS_41 recently( in January 2014 )  in UK. This is the latest exam on SAP Data Services 4.x  The questions that come in this exam are scenario based.

      In performance tuning please concentrate more on ‘ Managing Push Down operations ‘ . Please use different functions of BODS and see which are pushed down. Also check in which scenario a full push down occurs.Change the number of sources and targets and see how it affects the push down.  Read about Data Transfer.

      Also read thoroughly about target data options. And what are the different options available in BODS for source table and target table that affects performance , for example enabling partioning, and number of loaders.

      Please let me know what you want to know more .



      • HI Aneesha,

        Thanks for the details, I am planning to take the certification and would like to know more about  Topic: Data Management and the kind of questions it carry in the test.

        Thanks In advance.



        • For Data Management , Based on the actual questions appeared my suggestion is to create jobs and try to update a huge table based on either of the options Table comparison ,  Include in transaction , Bulk loader options and Auto correct loader, etc. .Try to find out which one yields the best result. For your job use a table which is used by many people .

          Also do thoroughly read what are the different target options and which one needs to be used when and which of the target options go together ( or conversely cannot be selected together ) .

          Remember in the exam more than one option is correct and you need to select all the correct answers to get a marks awarded.

      • Hi Annesha,

        Which other topics other then optimization was there in examination?

        I mean how they are asking regarding transform and also is there any questions for data quality transform?

        I am also preparing for same so your response would be very helpful for me.



          • Hi Swapnil,

            All the transforms are very important. Try to gather practical knowledge by creating sample jobs with each transform.Take Note what are the prerequistes for each transform and what type of output come out from the transform ( for example what does table comparision, key generation, history presv take as input and what are the outputs ) . Don’t ignore the simple query transform (its very important , read how to Nest /Unnest schemas and types of Join). Do see in which scenario you use CASE transform and when to use Validation transform.Also give attention to the various otions avaialble inside validation transform( for eg when the rows goes to pass, fail and both ; difference between custom validation function and column validation ) .

            I don’t remember anything from Admin part that might hav asked in the exam.

          • Hi Annesha,

            Thanks a lot for such a detailed reply.

            Is there any questions from management console ?

            How many questions were there in examination?

            And what was time duration for same?