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I hope to see you in Las Vegas at HR2013

In 2006 I thought it would be a great idea to write a book on SAP Query Reporting.  After all, for years I have been storing hand written notes on the topic in an overstuffed 5 inch binder.  I had developed a habit of scribbling down information and tips on this subject almost religiously.  One day it was a nugget of information I received from my experience consulting for a company in need. The next day it was a piece of knowledge from a participant in a SAP conference that I was speaking at.  Yet another day it was a technique that reaped dividends for my department at work.  Over the years, that binder had grown exponentially in size as had my desire to publish a book that accurately reflected the sum of all of my thoughts, knowledge and work experience on SAP Query Reporting.  That book was published in 2006 and it was called SAP Query Reporting.

Unlike my other SAP books which were great sellers initially than slowly found their way to the bargain bin, SAP Query Reporting is still a top seller and it is over 6 years old! The funny thing about Query content is that it hasn’t drastically changed since my first SAP conference almost 20 years ago. Sure, the ABAP Query is now known as the SAP Query and it’s CE (Concurrent Employment) compatible and uses better indexing to get at the data. Yet at the
end of the day it still operates within the same fundamental framework. With all the amazing changes in SAP over the years, the Query has not changed too
much.  And SAP has made it clear that it does not plan on any future enhancements.


At the SAP HR2013 Conference in Las Vegas later this month I am giving a few presentations that talk about the reporting options in SAP including SAP Query, Ad Hoc Query, where the cloud and Success Factors and BI fit in etc. And of course I will be recommending the Easy Reporter (the only
SAP certified solution for real time HR/Payroll reporting).

I hope you are able to come by and meet me.  I have at least 5 presentations that I am giving on various topics and I participate in the Ask the Experts forum on Tuesday so it will be easy to track me down. Plus I will also be at Booth number 520 at the show, giving away free copies of my book.  Many of the things I have learned in my career have been from the conferences and meeting other attendees, especially those who take the time to share their experiences with me.  I am a better person for it. 

I hope to see you in Las Vegas February 26 – March 1st.

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