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  About ABAP on Eclipse

ABAP on eclipse is a combination of ABAP programming on eclipse framework which makes ABAP programming very powerful and easy.

Eclipse framework behaves same as abap editor. This tool is also known as ABAP in Eclipse, also referred as Next Generation ABAP.

This tools is helpful for programmers who are familiar with JAVA development environment and plan to write ABAP programs,

they are familiar with ECLIPSE IDE and if they are really interested in connecting to ABAP and program in ABAP without typing transaction details etc.

Steps to install eclipse environment and Preparing for ABAP Development:

This is very comprehensibly described in  following blog:

Some of the things keep in mind while configuring the abap on eclipse.

  • Install only sap net weaver 7.3.
  • Use gui 7.2 with minimum patch level 9.
  • Assign the role SAP_BC_DWB_ABAPDEVELOPER and SAP_BC_DWB_WBDISPLAY to user.
  • Ensure that services are activated in transaction SICF path is
       default host > sap > bc > abap > toolsdocu

Creating Transport Requests for your projects

  • Step1. Click on file option then select and click on other as you seen in image below.



Now expand the node abap select the option abap program.


Now enter the package name, program name, and description click as you seen below in image.


Now here you can take exiting request number or

you can create new request number by selecting the radio button create a new request.


Now I am creating a new request number, so I select the radio button create a new request number and

enter the description as you seen in image below.


After doing all steps your new request number has been created.

Whenever you create new program then its will show all request number you can select according to your need.


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  1. Ashwani Kumar Sharma


    Nice blog. It shows well to create transport request\tasks while creating new objects.

    If you are about to edit an existing object in an editor, a pop-up will come automatically asking to either create new request or add to existing request.

    Creating a new standalone Task is bit easier.

    You can use Transport Organizer for that. This blog contains a video which details out it nicely:

    Creating a New Task in Transport Organizer view is as easy as right click on a existing Transport Organizer and choose operation “Add User”

    [embed width="425" height="350"][/embed]


    Ashwani Kr Sharma

  2. Dmitry Iudin

    I wonder if it is possible to include an object into existing request with Abap in eclipse. Even with the newest version I could not find the way


  3. Former Member


    When I create a new object in eclipse I just hit activate and it asks for a package and a transport, you can choose an existing transport number or create a new one at that time. No muss, no fuss.


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