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Looking Back, Moving Forward: SCN in Idea Place

The SCN category in Idea Place is a place for submitting innovative solutions for our community, as well as a platform for suggestions and feedback. In early 2012 I was introduced to Idea Place and had the opportunity to be a part of the changes initiated within the SCN category in Idea Place.

To begin with, two SCN categories that were active in the beginning of 2012 were merged into one, enhancing the SCN Improvements category as a major channel for the submissions of SCN ideas. During this process and throughout the year, continuous progress was made in addressing ideas that were submitted. Thanks to our diligent innovators 54 submitted ideas were successfully implemented in our community.

In December 2012 Idea Place went through a major transformation by migrating to a new platform powered by BrightIdea, a leading vendor in innovation process management. The platform brings innovative solutions into idea process management by focusing specifically on a greater user experience. The new platform has several particularly valuable qualities. I would like to highlight here a few that are especially important from my personal perspective.

BrightIdea emphasizes the importance of collaboration and cooperation between users. For example, innovation contests and private brainstorming sessions are part of the new features. They provide a framework for successful discussions pursuing the best solutions on a variety of topics. BrightIdea allows user to follow each other and get notifications on updates. Being able to share thoughts and give feedback creates trust and mutual agreement, both vital components of better outcomes in a work process. Like they say – “two heads are better than one!”

Another important feature provided by BrightIdea is transparency. Voting for ideas is not anonymous anymore, while voting down require a comment to be added. The process of idea evaluation is more open with more internal insights publicized.

There are many more beneficial modifications that are waiting to be discovered by members. If you would like to read more about Idea Place innovations, please read Kuhan Milroy‘s publications and follow him for future updates:

Looking Forward

The big change in Idea Place has been supplemented by another change within the SCN category. A new year brings a new approach which will be reflected in our category’s new title. The SCN Improvements category has been now renamed to SCN Innovation and Enhancements. The category will undergo some additional changes such as having the ability to submit ideas in different categories within the SCN category itself. By categorizing ideas, the evaluation team will be able to match users’ ideas to proper handling with greater ease and success.

Submitting ideas is an important factor for driving innovation. However, it is also important to vote for existing ideas. This way our team will be able estimate how valuable certain ideas are to our community. Currently there are 49 ideas under review, which is an advanced evaluation stage. I would like to encourage our members to visit the SCN Innovation and Enhancements category and vote for ideas, as well as provide feedback and share thoughts. We aim to make this category the primary channel for users to share innovation ideas and feedback. 

I would like to thank all users that submitted ideas in 2012. I hope that SCN Innovation and Enhancement category will continue to provide an important value for SCN users in 2013.


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