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IDOC _AEE Receiver Configuration with PO7.3 JAVA Only Stack

Oops! That was the first thought that came to my mind when we received fresh installation of PO7.31.

Its Java only stack and whatever we have learned and implemented for IDOC just went into drain.

With 2 week to go-live it was a big challenge to adapt into new environment. 

We played with the system a little bit and found our way to implement IDOC AEE with java only stack.

In this Blog I will concentrate on configuration required for receiver IDOC adapter.


Read xml file from MQ and post IDOC into SAP CRM.

Sender Adapter: – JMS

            Receiver Adapter: – IDOC_AEE


I will divide the implementation in 2 broad steps and sub-steps within.

  1. NWA Configuration
  2. Integration Builder Configuration

NWA Configuration:


Configuration -> Infrastructure-> application Resources

Filter resource name “inboundRA” 

Select resource type “Resource Adapter”

As PI Java Only stack does not have any ABAP stack so no local gateway.

Change the value of gate service and server to that of CRM system.

Change the value of Local to false.



Filter resource name “JavaIdocAdapter” 

Select resource type “Resource Adapter”

Enter the value for “DefaultSenderPort”. I prefer system ID.

This is the sender port that is populated in IDOC control record while posting IDOC.



Cofiguration -> Infrastructure-> Destinations

Create RFC destination in NWA for “XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION”

Again default destination will be pointing to same CRM server as defined in “inboundRA.


Create RFC destination for SAP systems. 

Integrated Configuration:

Tick the check box for header mapping and select the sender and receiver communication component


In case of multiple SAP ERP instance in the landscape, you can define one instance as reference instance for PO7.3 and for rest of them you can create RFC destinations.

We have 4 instance of CRM: CRM00, CRM01, CRM02 and CRM03.

We did above mentioned configuration for CRM01.

CRM01 – > modify application resources, create “XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION” create RFC destination “CRM01RFCDEST”, create comm. Channel.

CRM00-> create RFC destination “CRM00RFCDEST”, create comm. channel.

CRM02-> create RFC destination “CRM02RFCDEST”, create comm. channel.

CRM03-> create RFC destination “CRM03RFCDEST”, create comm. channel.

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