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SAP Solution manager 7.1SR1 NW 7.2 Installation using SWPM(Software Provisioning Manager)

SAP Solution manager 7.1 SR 1 NW 7.20 Installation using SWPM(Software Provisioning Manager)

Hi Everyone,

     Recently i installed successfully  SAP Solution manager 7.1 NW 7.20 on Windows server 2008 R2 using SWPM.

when i was start the installation i got so many errors related JAVA and KERNEL so now today am going to share my installation  experience.

if u want to install  solution manager first download latest SWPM from service market place and SOLMAN software with latest SWPM kernel only and do not use Installation master.

so now no need to install  any kind of java on your OS.Now Directly open SWPM because The SAP already inbuilt the JAVA in while installing SAP automatically the JAVA installed and also you have to install Oracle between SAP installation.

if already install java on OS please remove if u will continue you will get the error at start JAVA stage.and also you will get some errors in Import abap state also.

if you will get any error while installing please let me know



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    • Hello raju k,

      Can you help me please to clarify one thing?! I want to perform a new installation of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SR1 (in windows X64 with SQL Serverl 2008 (R2). But now I´m with a big doubt, I already did SAP Solution Manager installations in the past, but now I don´t know how to start the installation of this new system, because I don´t find any Installation Master in the software media in SAP Marketplace! Can you explain me how to start the sapinst of the installation!?

      Thank you,


      • HI JD,

        SAP newly launched SWPM(Software Provisioning Manager) with thais tool you can install any product like ERP,SCM,CRM, and SOLMAN you have to download SWPM from service market place just follow the below link :–Software DownloadsInstallations and Upgrades–A-Z index—select “S” and in that select SAP solution manger – SAP solution manager 7.1 here u will get one like SOFTWARE PROVISIONING MGR 1.0 just click on that  select your OS and download the file (Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 SP 01 for NW 7.0x) after that extract then u can find out  SAPINST.exe just double click on that u will get the sapinst window in that select which product u r going to install.

        please let me know if u have any doubt



    • HI Raj,

      please tell me ,in windows with MSsql DB after starting sapinst for solution manager ->after selecting central instance system will asks for log off and log in again to proceed for next step.why it will asks for log off?

  • Hi Raju,

      In Solution manager system preparation phase 6.3 we are not able to get the Diagnostic agents.Under agents available in SLD is nothing available and while clicking on get Agents we are getting the error like

    SOAP:1.007 SRT: Unsupported xstream found: (“HTTP Code 401 : Unauthorized”)

    Web service invocation problem on host and port 8000 protocol : http logical port name : LP_WS_SMDAGENT_MONITORING

    Please help us on this.We will be waiting for your earlier response.


    Manoj Reddy.

    • HI Manoj,

      before coming to this step You have maintained the relevant SLD in Step Select SLD (6.1)

      then here u will get the agents and did u installed diagnostic agents for that server and did u configure sap host agents?



      • Hi Raju,

        Thanks for your reply.

        We have already installed the DAA Agent before configuring the SLD.And I added the daaadm user in host cntrol files and also configured the SAP Host agent.Then only we gone through it.But No use…



  • Hello raju k,

    Thanks for your replay, I all ready visit the title:

    Inst. SAP Sol. Manager 7.1 SR1 Using SW Prov. Mgr. 1.0

    The problem is that the title is correct but the content refers to :

    Installing SAP Systems Based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0
    Support Release 3 / 7.0 Including <Enhancement Package> – Using Software
    Provisioning Manager 1.0,

    Can you please send direct link for MSSql Server, and windows 64 bit



  • hiiii Raju,

    i am also going to install solution manager 7.1 can u please help me that first what i have download from market place i want to install it on server 2008r2 with oracle data base.

    i have downloaded all files from market place but now i so confused in

    • Installation Master.
    • SAP Kernel.
    • SAP Export DVD.
    • SAP Java Component

    can u please tell how to make a proper dump for it befor installtion.

    • Hi Bhanu,

      you need below components for installation of SOLMAN 7.1

      1. SWPM its working like a installation master no need to download installation master

      2. EXPORTS

      3. Kernels

      4. Java component

      5. Oracle

      6. Oracle Client

      here SWPM tool you will get under Software downloads center -installation and upgrades–a-z index–solution manager–solution manager 7.1—-SOFTWARE PROVISIONING MGR 1.0

      just click on that select which your operating system then download and install SOLMAN using swpm.

      if you need any help while installation or else please ask freely




  • Hi:

    I am trying to do a fresh SAP Solution Manager 7.1 install on Windows Server 2012 and MS SQL server 2012. There is conflicting information on the SAP site regarding this. On the PAM, Windows server 2012 is not listed, which implies that it is not supported. But in the installation guides, there are instruction on how to install on Windows Server 2012.

    Anyone tried this scenario..?