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Another way to get the libraries for XI development for 7.1 for java mapping

Hi folks

The reason behind writing this blog is that, one of my friend try to do her first java mapping with the help of my first blog (javamapping) and she is working on PI7.1 and she face some  difficulty to find library file for that and she also try other wiki which also i define in my blog(wiki), but didn’t find right answer So I try from my end and find one of the simple solution that my help other also.

steps are:

Run command window type

Javaws –viewer

The following will open:

Right click on ESR and show JNLP file

In this file you find path of lib file which you want then copy that full path

and open the browser, and paste that path and click on go

Then you can download and do your work

So if you know the path of your server you can directly open the browser and download that files.

like that : http://PIHost:port/rep/repository/



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