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When can I get my Customer360 delivered to me by “Siri”?

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This blog is inspired by the ascent of voice based interaction systems coupled with “real time” business solutions in the technology space and how my life as a sales representative can be made dramatically better.

As a sales person running between customers, I already have a lot of cope with in terms of getting access to the latest and greatest information as regards a particular customer that I am about to meet.

Given the “real time” nature of business interaction, would it not be nice if “Siri” could feed me the latest and greatest Customer360 leveraging the context of the customer meeting that I am going to summarizing in the time available the key points that I should make while at the customer meeting including potential social interactions in wishing someone at the meeting with a happy birthday or similar “social” greeting over and above knowing which topics to quiz the customer on tailored to the context of the meeting and also knowing sticky topics to avoid in advance if said information is available.

The functionality I am looking at is based on:

  • As complete a customer profile as possible from
    • external social media,
    • 1:1 business meetings in the past,
    • transaction history,
    • outstanding service requests,
    • additional context derived from and enriched based on the previous information streams.

Understand the context of the meeting by understanding things like

  • how much lead time was there between the setting up of the meeting and the actual meeting
  • participants at the meeting
  • relationship hierarchies
  • social discussions in the public domain
  • products that have been bought by this group
  • products that have been complained about by this group
  • any potential “red flags”
  • size of business undertaken in the past with this group
  • trend of the business interactions like:
    • growing revenue,
    • growing frequency of meetings,
    • growing duration of meetings

Pick and choose the most important information threads to brief me about in the time that I have before the meeting, or prompt me to ask for a 5 min brief, 10 min brief or more in case there is a lot of time available before the meeting, likely not given how my real world looks like on a daily basis.

Interlink between my personal information manager and the backend Customer Relationship Management system serving up this content on my mobile device while I am in transit to the customer meeting.

As a sales representative I would love to get a handle on this kind of information before I walk into a meeting with a customer.

P.S. – I will ask my service colleagues to pen a similar requirements statement as a follow on to this thread.

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      Author's profile photo Pushkar Ranjan
      Pushkar Ranjan
      Blog Post Author

      I forgot to mention "Prediction" in this mix to give me a few ideas about how to maximize my interaction potential, be it positive customer impact, more revenue opportunities et al.

      Thank you.