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SAP HANA foretelling’s: Year 2013

1. 2013 will be a change over year for SAP HANA

In 2012 we saw the first mainstream of HANA use case BW on HANA hitting the market; it is the stepping stone into the world of HANA and became a real-time challenge to Oracle Empire.

On the other hand – there are few SAP customers didn’t expect HANA to play a key role in their plans going forward and some of partners relatively plans large number of POC projects. The number of licenses sale figures is the material proof for the interest in new technology.

2. ORACLE will start to feel the effect of HANA

Oracle fails to acknowledge or admit that SAP HANA is a completely new design as opposed to a bolt-on approach. With SAP HANA, data is completely managed and accessed in RAM consequently doing away with the requirement of MOLAP, multiple indexes and other tuning features that Oracle prides itself on.

Furthermore, despite what Oracle may claim, SAP HANA does indeed handle both unstructured and structured data, as well as utilize parallel queries for scaling out across server nodes.

3. HANA as a platform will become readily apparent to the mind

HANA is more than a database and despite SAP’s commitment to provide customers with choice for their database, it is their aim to leverage the unique capabilities of HANA for their own applications. SAP HANA is fully ACID compliant and has row, column and text stores in one database and it natively supports unstructured data.  Furthermore these are integrated and thus simplify transactional and analytic operations across all the stores.

4. SAP HANA in Data science and Data mining

The last several months in the industry could be characterized by rising interest to predictive analytics. This field itself is nothing new: its mathematical foundation had been established quite a while ago, and statisticians of all kinds in business and academia have been successfully utilizing products such as SAS, IBM, STATISTICA, R, Orange and many others, in wide variety of business applications.

In the SAP world, that mentioned role of “emerging disruptive technology” is played by HANA – and played well. HANA is seen to become the central infrastructure element of SAP landscapes; speed and scale of its evolution during the last year made believe that that expectation will be fulfilled.

Starting from SPS4, SAP announced support of HANA integration with R. R is free, which likely makes it the first candidate for any student of statistics and data mining.

5. The real Speed

SAP HANA installs within minutes to an hour in a data center. In fact soon it will be able to provision it from SAP partners’ clouds. Provimi has gone live on profitability analysis in as fast as 3 weeks.

Success Story: How SAP HANA Helps Provimi to Increase Its Profitability

Lessons Learned from the Provimi HANA Project – Webinar

6. The Mass acceptance of SAP HANA by end of Dec-2013

The world will start experiencing the tectonic shift HANA will bring to enterprise computing.

Hasso Plattner, c0-founder and chairman of software giant SAP, is overseeing a global press event to announce what the company says is “a milestone in enterprise software and a turning point for business management in a smarter, connected world with ever-growing amounts of data.” Forbes Tech

Six years ago, Plattner, who became chairman of SAP’s supervisory board, said he founded a computer science institute in Pottsdam and became a professor looking at enterprise software architecture. He met with his top students and told them he wanted to “reinvent” enterprise systems and SAP HANA itself is his brain child.

7. SAP embraces VMware

The recent announcement that SAP HANA is supporting VMware vSphere will provide the company with a competitive advantage, as it will enable customers to provision instances of SAP HANA in minutes as VM templates, as well as gain benefits such as Dynamic Resource Scheduling and vSphere vMotion.

By virtualizing SAP HANA with VMware, end users can quickly have several smaller HANA instances all sharing a single physical server leading to better utilisation of existing resources. SAP HANA appliances could be shipped with vSphere 5 and SAP HANA pre-installed within days, enabling rapid deployment for businesses.

8. SAP HANA Cloud – fastest and most cost efficient way to leverage

In the beginning of 2013 there are vendors showcasing the SAP HANA Cloud, by the end of 2013 this will become more obvious. It is the quickly and cost-effectively leverage and it is proven from AWS, Cloud share and ucloud biz superior performance of our in-memory technology – with SAP HANA Cloud solutions. These powerful on-demand solutions providing your business users with an easier way to collaborate, plan, and work – for a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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