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SAP NetWeaver Cloud Licensing Options explained – What you can get and what you can do

As of today, there are different options how to get SAP NetWeaver Cloud. In this short post I try to work out the differences between these various options and clarify what is in for you.

Basically there are three main options to get started with NetWeaver Cloud today:
  • Developer license to test drive the product.
  • Customer license to run your own apps productivly for your own purposes.
  • Partner license to develop apps and sell them to your customers.
Let’s have a look at that in more detail:

Developer License Customer License Partner License
Gives you the option to play with the product with a rather small amount of resources – however you can’t go productive with this license.
So in short: Choose this to test the product for free.
Enables you to build your own applications and set them live in the Cloud. “Your own” refers to apps that you build and run for your own purposes but that you do not give away to other parties.
In Short: Must have to run productive apps for your own scenarios.
The partner program is a bit more than only a license and enables you to build applications and to sell them to your customers. It offers resources to get started and to develop applications. It is the same type of resources as for the customer license option, but these can’t be used to run apps productivly. On top it also includes SAP Application Development licenses to enable you to get started with scenarios across cloud and on-premise applications. Finally it offers the opportunity to certify apps and advertise and sell them via the SAP Store. This is not included in the other options.
In Short: Must have to build apps that you want to sell.
Resources Roughly “one of each kind”, i.e. 1 VM, 1 GB relational database Storage, 1 GB of unstructured document storage, etc. Whatever you choose. However we offer predefined packages in the SAP Store:

  • 3 Virtual Machines – “lite”
  • 1 GB of relational DB storage
  • 1 GB of HANA storage
  • 10 GB of unstructured storage
  • 10 SAP Application Devloper Users
  • more stuff like bandwith etc.
These resource can only be used to develop apps and not to set them live. Depending of your plans you will need more resources.
Price Free.
Pricing for consumed resources. So the overall price depends on your choice. Have a look at this info page or in the SAP Store.
  • 1.990 € per year to join the program
  • 990€ to certify apps initially and then each year 495 € recurring. As soon an app is certified it can be advertised and sold via the SAP Store
  • Revenue share of 15% for each sold application
More info on this overview slide.
How to Get it
Go through the process described in this here.
Predefined packages are offered via SAP Store:
To get an individual sized package of resources please contact your local SAP Sales representative.
To join the partner program visit the SAP Apps Cloud Partner Center and apply.
With this short overview I hope to help you to understand your options how to get SAP NetWeaver Cloud.
If you miss an aspect please make me aware and I will add it to this post. Also, any comments if these options actually met your needs and expectations are very much appreciated so that we can learn how to improve our offerings according to your needs.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for this great explaination!

      This is what I'm looking for for some weeks!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Yes - thanks for this.. it's a great overview!

      Additional notes: The Partner Licence also includes a 24x7 support from SAP developer.

      Thanks a lot!

      Author's profile photo Fred Verheul
      Fred Verheul

      Thank you Thomas!

      I wish all teams at SAP would provide this kind of insight 🙂 . Maybe it's just easier for PaaS?!

      Cheers, Fred

      Author's profile photo Ethan Jewett
      Ethan Jewett

      Hi Thomas,

      In conjunction with, this is very helpful. I'm trying to wrap my head around a few things here, and I'd appreciate clarification:

      1. It sounds like there are two scenarios: partner-managed and customer-managed. Under the partner-managed scenario I assume that I publish my application on the app store and people can then buy accounts on my app via the app store. The customer-managed scenario seems straightforward for customer-developed applications (i.e. applications developed in-house and not bought on the SAP Store). But for apps sold on the SAP Store to customers using the customer-managed scenario I assume that customer will buy my app (I'm the partner/developer) and deploy it on their own NW Cloud account. How does that work? Or doesn't it work that way?
      2. In both the partner-managed and customer-managed scenario, what is the pricing for additional a-la-carte resources and for user accounts?
      3. Lastly, can you clarify the route I would take to develop an application under the partner-managed scenario? This scenario, along with the (apparently) unlimited number of connections to on-premise SAP systems that NW Cloud licenses provides, seems like a very powerful licensing option (finally!!!) for people who are looking to develop applications that provide specific services to augment on-premise SAP applications. I'd like to better understand the development and monetization structure of these applications.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Ethan,

      No1: I'm also interessted in your questions in the first part, how to handle the transfer/deployment. I opened a new discussion about it:     Of cause this post could help you a little bit, too

      No2: I think you have to order one of the packages of the "customer licences" for additional ressources. It's also possible to ask SAP for client-specific account.

      Or did you mean "user accounts" of the ordered SAP NetWeaver Cloud App? This you have to disput with the offering partner.

      I don't know what you mean in No3 - what you want to know? The route of developing apps, which you want sell in SAP Store would be something like: Become a partner - Develop the app - Send the app, including the requried documentation (*.doc) to SAP Store for testing - Get a certification-email from SAP which also describe how to offer the app in SAP Store - Clients could buy your app in SAP Store (..but they also have to own SAP Cloud ressources - so they have to pay twice..)