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Install SAP HANA on VMware

Here is a guide to how to install SAP HANA on VMware.

There was a discussion on SCN Can we use vmware to install HANA?

To continue answering the thread here is the full guide to install on VMware.

The video does not contain any voice over.

Please keep the guide Overall Installation Guide – SAP HANA 1.0 if you are doing the installation for first time.

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  • This approach works fine for old HANA release. Now, the latest release can be installed using the installer with GUI. Plus, you need more memory to make HANA work, because when I played with the latest release, it did not start until all services become green. In addition, you need to perform some tricks with configuration options to enable the support for virtual CPU.

    • I worked with 32GB of RAM and 2X Intel Xeon E7-2870 in windows environment.

      Can I know what is the configuration used for installing HANA SP05.

      • I apologize for being slightly incorrect. Actually, you will not enable the support, but skip some CPU checks. Because until all checks are passed, you will not able to continue the installation.

          • yes, worked fine for the hardwarecheck. As we found out: The CPU is asked an instruction but does not support it – So the error does not come from the check itself. Taking latest CPUs with flag cx16 (=’cmpxchg16b’) shown in /proc/cpuinfo everything goes smooth 🙂

          • Sorry to say, but unfortunately there is no chance to manipulate this setting – If your host CPU (CPU of Hypervisor) does not support instruction CX16 then your VM won’t do either.

            I’ll try to explain: The installation executes a script after skipping Hardware check, which does not only needs this flag – it needs exactly this instruction. If it is not present, it’s not able to be executed. Any attempts of manipulating the vm-settings or trying to manipulate /proc/cpuinfo do not work.

            What is ‘cmpxchg16b’ ? –> It’s an extension of ‘cmpxchg8b’.

            Similar to CMPXCHG8B, CMPXCHG16B allows for atomic operations on octal words. This is useful for parallel algorithms that use compare and swap on data larger than the size of a pointer, common in lock-free and wait-free algorithms. Without CMPXCHG16B one must use workarounds, such as a critical section or alternative lock-free approaches.[1] This also prevents 64-bit Windows from having a user-mode address space larger than 8 terabytes. (see:

            Hope this helps 🙂

          • So, you just chose a server with another CPU type providing this instruction. That is why your VM can support it.  Because in my case, I used an unknown CPU on the host server, that is why I had to skip this check.  But anyway, for my “games” HANA works fine 🙂

          • Exactly, but just to make it clear. This “not supported instruction error” does not appear in hardwarecheck. The error occurs after the skipped hardware check, because its an commands that wants to be executed… 🙂

        • The error is : CPU is not supported. Insturction ‘cmpxchg16b’ is missing.

          –> But in Python script eveything else is ok… only CPU is returning error,  but obviously not coming from /proc/cpuinfo…. Any ideas?