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Imagine 3D modeling and Dashboards – Run Better Optimized Processes

Make Smarter Decisions and Optimize Processes with 3D enabled Dashboards

The SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer is available as a free add-on (download here) to SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 SP3/SP4, allowing  you to integrate 3D visual information with analysis driven dashboards easily and quickly. And, best of all you can deliver the information to Executives, your Suppliers, Partners and Employees at their office or on their mobile device no matter where they are!
To show you the power of this idea, click on the link below and experience 5 remarkable use cases that will give you  concrete examples on how this combination of 3D visualization and business data  could improve business performance.
Click here to watch.
When yourproduct has a problem, how easily can you identify and order the part? Maybe you know the part number but where exactly is it located in the product? How many other parts is it connected to, or are close in proximity? How many other items coming from the same supplier will have the same quality problem? Which parts will be in short supply for this manufacturing or repair operation?
These are examples of “spatial” questions that are commonly left unanswered in many industries. Before, we could not directly answer spatial and relationship problems by viewing strictly analytical results. But now – with visualization provided by SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer – these questions on supply chain analysis, engineering performance, and factory work flows can be answered in the context of their actual location in the product. Adding 3D models and plant details to dashboards will connect you to all kinds of business information sources to help make better decisions with visual and spatial context. 

Imagine – Analyzing a Part by simply clicking on it within the 3D image

Simply view the 3D model and select any part in the 3D product model and the dashboard will immediately display key information such as supplier names and country, inventory levels and warranty information. You can even have the 3D model highlight in a certain colors, all the parts that are above a certain warranty threshold, allowing you to dig into issues to improve overall product quality and lower repair costs. Users can choose several parts, draw boundary boxes around areas or define their own query and the dashboard will retrieve related performance and status data for everything selected. The SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Dashboards 4 Add-On, was released at the end of 2012 and now allows connecting the physical 3D model with the underlying data sources which can then be viewed in your dashboard.
A user clicks on parts of the motorbike and the dashboard displays material counts, supplier names and country of origin for selected parts.
2-8-2013 8-06-00 AM.png

Imagine – a Visual Display of Service Status reducing down time and costs

The service status for air-conditioning units on the roof is indicated by color. Choose the unit and all of the relevant information is at the fingertips of the repair technician to enable faster servicing and reduced down time. The dashboard also monitors the maintenance cost ratios to drive decisions that will save the organization money. To optimize the process even further, all work orders can be generated directly using this dashboard.

Navigate to problem areas, or to known inspection points. A user can click on a air-conditioning unit with a reported maintenance issue.

2-8-2013 8-14-11 AM.png

Imagine – Real time monitoring and alerting via 3D model

Imagine being able to monitor pressure, temperature and RPM in real-time and being able to compare currentreadings to historical trends. Be alerted when operational limits are violated by color changes on the 3D model, making it easy to assess the state of your assets and reduce expensive time in the field, reduce errors and downtime through this precise monitoring, be predictive about failures and deliver more comprehensive information. The model can even launch service procedures including 3D visual work instructions right in the context of the whole plant model, allowing a reduction of errors even with less experienced staff.

Real time monitoring of these tanks for this oil rig and alerting reduces errors, costs and downtime.
2-8-2013 8-28-47 AM.png

Imagine – 3D work instructions achieving optimal productivity and savings

Imagine if your workers could have access to 3D step-by-step visual work instructions that guide them through complex processes. Allowing them to interact with the model at each step of the process gives them a more complete view of the work required. These 3D work instructions can help organizations achieve optimal productivity through finer clarity in procedures and methods and improved process comprehension. Laying out assembly in this method can identify opportunities to improve processes and lead to compressed product delivery cycle times and save money through reduced training time.

This picture shows the 3D Visual work instructions for replacing a pump’s rotors complete with animation, safety warnings and tools to support field work language independence.
2-8-2013 8-40-06 AM.png
Imagine – Reductions in warranty cost by understanding root causes

Imagine being able to query and then visualize by color any and all parts in a 3D product model that have excessive warranty claim rates. Then drill-down and the dashboard can display information related to each part, helping you determine if excessive warranty claims are being driven by particular suppliers or perhaps being caused by a poor design in the product. Alerting will color the 3D model by your predefined targets so you can continually monitor your cost reduction process through finer clarity in procedures and methods and improved process comprehension. Laying out assembly in this method can identify opportunities to improve processes and lead to compressed product delivery cycle times and save money through reduced training time.

This picture illustrates an automobile engine in a dashboard illustrating warranty status using defect costs primarily centered on the electrical systems and cylinder heads and cover.

2-8-2013 8-41-57 AM.png

How do I get started?

TheSAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer with 3D Add-On for Dashboards is a component that provides 3D model viewing and integrated analytics within SAP Bushiness Objects Dashboards. Each model is connected to the application logic so that selection and control over the visual display is managed by dashboard parameters and connections are managed to databases and web services in the
usual ways.

In order to enable your 3D models, you will need to utilize the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Generator to translate the 3D CAD files into a neutral format
for use. Once translated, users can leverage the
SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author application to enhance the 3D model by creating process animations and rendering rich visual content. The Add-on runs now with SBOP Dashboards 4.0 SP3, and will soon be updated to run with later versions.

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