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PHP rocks on SAP HANA too! (Linux version)

If you know me…you know I’m not a Linux boy…however…I still have my laptop LG T1 Express Dual that I bought on 2007…for my first SAP TechEd ever…as you may assume…running Windows and installing more software on this laptop was a nice way to slowly kill it…so the laptop stayed on my closed for a long time…until I decided to install Ubuntu on it and bring to live once again 🙂

What they say it’s true…even the crappiest and oldest laptop will behave great on Linux…and BTW, I’m writing this blog on my Linux box 😉

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog called PHP rocks on SAP HANA too! as I realized that I haven’t blog about PHP and SAP HANA and also because I knew that a lot of people were facing issues trying to make it work together…but…I wrote for Windows…and Linux users are still struggling to get this working…so…time for a new blog…

I gotta say…without this awesome blog HANA with odbc on Ubuntu 12.04 written by Ethan Zhang I will be probably still struggling with the connection details…but anyway…not being a Linux boy…I thought it would be a good idea to detail all the steps and problems that I overcome to finally make it work…

Of course…I didn’t have PHP installed on my Linux box…so the first step was install it…however, I didn’t want to spend so much time installing everything separately, so I decided to use LAMP.

LAMP Installation

$ sudo apt-get install tasksel

$ sudo tasksel install lamp-server

After this two simple lines…PHP was up and running…so next step was install the SAP HANA Client. 32bits Linux Version.

Now, I needed something to connect to my SAP HANA Server…so unixODBC was the best choice.

unixODBC Installation

$ sudo apt-get install unixODBC unixODBC-dev

With this, it was time to configure the ODBC connection…

odbc.ini configuration

$ sudo vi odbc.ini


driver = /usr/sap/hdbclient32/

ServerNode = hana_server:30115

It was time to the first test…so I did the following…

ODBC Testing
$ isql -v HDB SYSTEM manager

After this…I got an error saying that couldn’t be found because the file or directory didn’t exist…it was weird…I decided to take a look at the dependencies…

Checking dependecies
$ ldd /usr/sap/hdbclient32/

This point me out to the fact that wasn’t found on my system…so using the Ubuntu Software System…I just installed it…


My next test of isql was successful, so…being kind of lazy…I just copied the code from my other blog and run it 😉



$conn = odbc_connect(“HDB”,”SYSTEM”,”manager”,SQL_CUR_USE_ODBC);

if (!($conn))


          echo “<p>Connection to DB via ODBC failed: “;

        echo odbc_errormsg ($conn);

        echo “</p>\n”;



          if(isset($_POST[“CARRID”]) == false){


               $rs = odbc_exec($conn,$sql);

               print(“<DIV ALIGN=’CENTER’>”);

               print(“<H1>SAP HANA from PHP</H1>”);

               print(“<FORM NAME=’Get_Data’ ACTION=’$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]’ METHOD=’POST’>”);

               print(“<SELECT NAME=’CARRID’>”);

               while($row = odbc_fetch_array($rs)){

                     $carrid = $row[“CARRID”];

                     $carrname = $row[“CARRNAME”];

                     print(“<OPTION VALUE=’$carrid’>$carrname”);



        print(“<INPUT TYPE=’SUBMIT’ VALUE=’Get Data’>”);





                  $carrid_param = $_POST[“CARRID”];

                $sql = “SELECT * FROM \”_SYS_BIC\”.\”blag/AV_FLIGHTS\”

                        WHERE CARRID = ‘$carrid_param'”;

                $rs = odbc_exec($conn,$sql);

                print(“<DIV ALIGN=’CENTER’><TABLE BORDER=1>”);





                while($row = odbc_fetch_array($rs)){

                          $mandt = $row[“MANDT”];

                $carrid = $row[“CARRID”];

                $connid = $row[“CONNID”];

                $countryfr = $row[“COUNTRYFR”];

                $cityfrom = $row[“CITYFROM”];

                $airpfrom = $row[“AIRPFROM”];

                $countryto = $row[“COUNTRYTO”];

                $carrname = $row[“CARRNAME”];

                $distance = $row[“DISTANCE”];








               print(“<A HREF=’PHP_HANA.php’>Go Back</A></DIV>”);






As you can see…not too hard…even for a Windows boy 😛

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  • Hi Alvaro,

    Linux - Experts out there may get jealous now 😉 . I think you should leave something for them also 😆

    Gr8 blog as usual, but this time it came after long gap.  🙂



    • Thanks Kumar 🙂 Just trying to do my job as always 😉

      Linux is really nice...I just wish I have more knowledge about it...most of my time is spend on Google than on the actual "blog" job 😛



  • Hi,

    Actually I can connect to the HANA database, but when I try to use odbc_result or odbc_fetch_array, the page crash like the connection has lost.

    Could you help me?

    • Alejandro:

      Then I assume that you can connect via ISQL right? Please make sure you're using SQL_CUR_USE_ODBC for the connection statement and that your query is syntactically correct...check the logs as well...can you post the text of the error?



      Development Culture.

      • [SOLVED]

        I am using UBUNTU 10.04, upgrade to 12 with apache 2.2 and works like a charm

        Thanks for your help


        Hi Thanks for the answer

        I am using UBUNTU and try to connect to my HANA server in SUSE

        Error log:

        [Tue Sep 02 13:10:08 2014] [notice] child pid 1232 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

        [Tue Sep 02 13:10:08 2014] [notice] child pid 1233 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

        [Tue Sep 02 13:10:09 2014] [notice] child pid 1234 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

        [Tue Sep 02 13:10:58 2014] [notice] child pid 1230 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

        [Tue Sep 02 13:10:58 2014] [notice] child pid 1236 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

        [Tue Sep 02 13:10:58 2014] [notice] child pid 1784 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

        [Tue Sep 02 13:11:26 2014] [notice] child pid 2141 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

        [Tue Sep 02 13:11:26 2014] [notice] child pid 2142 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

        [Tue Sep 02 13:11:27 2014] [notice] child pid 2143 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

        My code is

        $conn = odbc_connect("HDB","SYSTEM","SYSTEM", SQL_CUR_USE_ODBC);

        if (!($conn))


            echo "<p>Error de conexion: ";

            echo odbc_errormsg ($conn);

            echo "</p>\n";




            print("<H1>SAP HANA en PHP</H1>");

            $tablelist = odbc_tables($conn);

            while (odbc_fetch_row($tablelist))


                echo odbc_result_all($tablelist);





            $sql = "SELECT * FROM TEST_TST.OCRD";

            $rs = odbc_exec($conn, $sql);

            if (!$rs)


                exit("Error en SQL");



            print("<DIV ALIGN='CENTER'>");

            print("<SELECT NAME='CardName'>");

            while($row = odbc_fetch_array($rs))



               //   echo $row[0];

               //$cardname = odbc_result($rs, 1);

               $cardname = $row["CardName"];

               print("<OPTION VALUE='$cardname'>$cardname");



            print("<INPUT TYPE='SUBMIT' VALUE='Get Data'>");






        When I try to use odbc_fetch_row, odbc_result or odbc_fetch
        _array the page crashes.

        • So in the end it was just an "update" issue? Awesome that you fix it...but those kind of errors are the worse 🙁

          Anyway...thanks to you people will check their current versions and update if needed 🙂

          Thanks a lot for that! 😀



          Development Culture.

  • Is there anyway to make this work with a local odbc.ini file? I am trying to follow your steps on an OpenShift account and "sudo vi odbc.ini" is not permitted.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for this post.

    For SAP Hana I want to precise the code syntaxe because the exemple you give are not working.

    Is working :
    $sql = 'SELECT "CardCode" FROM "YOUR_INSTANCE"."OCRD"';

    You must notice the ' that suround the code and use " to suround fields and instance name.

    Here is an exemple of code


    //DNS delared in the /etc/odbc.ini of Debian or Umbutu
    $db_DNS = "HDB";
    // Username (SYSTEM is the default user name)
    $username = "SYSTEM";
    // Password
    $password = "YourPassWord";

    $conn = odbc_connect($db_DNS, $username, $password, SQL_CUR_USE_ODBC);

    if (!$conn) {
    // Try to get a meaningful error if the connection fails
    echo "Connection failed.\n";
    echo "ODBC error code: " . odbc_error() . ". Message: " . odbc_errormsg();
    } else {
    $sql = 'SELECT "CardCode" FROM "SBO_YOURDATABASE"."OCRD"';
    $result = odbc_exec($conn, $sql);
    if (!$result) {
    echo "Error while sending SQL statement to the database server.\n";
    echo "ODBC error code: " . odbc_error() . ". Message: " . odbc_errormsg();
    } else {
    while ($row = odbc_fetch_object($result)) {
    $Fetch_Array = odbc_fetch_array($result);
    $Test = $Fetch_Array["CardCode"] . "<br>";
    echo "CardCodeSAP: ".$Test . "<BR>";


    • Dear Patrice:

      Thanks for you comment and your fix 🙂 This is already an old I haven't check it in a long time...when I made it...everything was working fine...although some things might have changed or maybe I had a typo...anyway...thanks for your collaboration 🙂



      Development Culture.