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Undeploy a Java application (2 of 2)

Find part 1 here.

The application I want to undeploy is a VC app called: This is a dummy application created using the Visual Composer component of NWDS 7.3. It’s a VC app because creating it with some dummy data and deploy it to NW 7.3 is easy and fast.

After logging on via telnet (see part 1 on how to do this), the first command to issue is man. It lists the available commands and more importantly can be used to get more information about every command by using man <cmd>.



Before going to undeploy the application, check if the app is running or not:


As the app is not running, undeploy it should not affect the work of some users.

man undeploy



   UNDEPLOY name=MyApp on_undeploy_error=stop

   UNDEPLOY list=C:\my\list\UndeployItems.xml on_undeploy_error=skip_depending on_prerequisite_error=skip_depending

For the simple use case of uninstalling a single application, the command UNDEPLOY name=MyApp is sufficient. The parameters needed are name and vendor. How to get these parameters? Issue the command


This will give a list of all application deployed on the server. They are in the format [vendor]/[name]


In my case, vendor is and the application name is vc~test_impl, making the application appear as: To get more information about the application, the explore command can be used:

explore name= vc~test_impl


In case everything matches, it’s the right application and the undeploy command can be issued with the same parameters.

undeploy name= vc~test_impl


After the command is executed without any errors, the application is undeployed. To ensure this, issue the list_app command again. It shows that the application is no longer deployed on the server.

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