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What will be our Data Geek 2.0 slogan?

March 4, 2013 Update:

Thank you to the Data Geeks of the universe for sending in their geeky ideas! We’re taking them all into consideration and will keep you updated!

In 2012, we distributed over 1,000 Data Geek t-shirts donning the “I was a Data Geek before it was cool” slogan to participants around the globe, forming our Data Geek Squad. Check out more photos on our Facebook Fanpage:


With so much success from our first challenge, it’s time to start planning for Data Geek 2.0 coming this May 2013. We want your input on the new design of the Data Geek t-shirt! What will be our new Data Geek 2.0 slogan?

Share your creative ideas, add a comment to this blog or tweet #SAPVisi!

We want to hear your ideas for the best Data Geek t-shirt slogan idea!

For more information on what the Data Geek Challenge is, visit the original contest page:

Or watch this video to see how the challenge unfolded…

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  • Here are a few ideas to kick things off …

    • “Data Geeks need HUGS too”
    • “Data Geek and Proud”
    • “When I grow up I want to be a Data Scientist”
    • “I’m no Geek, I’m a Data Artisan”
  • My ideas…

    – Geek it or not?…no option

    – Data Geek isn’t all…is your life

    – Geek 2.0…no fixes, no patchs : only pure hard code

    – CAUTION: Data Geeks at Work

    – Data Geek : Holistically all of Infinite Universe

    – Geek@8-bits

    – 98% Geek ; 2% Chimp

    – CAUTION : Geek ahead

    – STOP!!! Geek thinking

    – Geek Data es my Weapon

    – Geek is an Alien

    – Achiviement unlocked, I’m a Geek Data

    – Come to Geek Side, we have infinite coffe…

    – Geek Think’ : Ctrl+Alt+Supr

    – Stand back, i’m going to try Geek Data

    – I’m with Geek (arrow right printed on shirt)

    – Not I n00b, I’m Geek

    – Data Geek, MAJOR LEAGUE IT

    – I’m not Geek – INCLUDE sarcasm –

    – The evolution of man Data Geek

    – Geek > u

    – I’m with Geek (on shirt, script font)

    Erick Verbena

    SAP Basis

      • Tammy. I think “increment by one” is simply again “+1” nowadays 🙂 Not sure though arithmetical progression will be interesting for geeks. They should look at least for geometric progression!!


  • My attempts and conveniently manipulating the data to drop the .0

    • “Along with SAPVISI get a Data Geek 2
    • “From zero to Data Geek 2 point hero”  (zero & hero swapped 🙂 with bad data)

        So then linking back to 2.0   

    • The Making of a Data Geek 2.0rder”
    • “Officially cool Data Geek 2.0h yeah”

        And in need of some Google doodle inspired writing  

    • SAPVISI and a Data Geek 2g0
  • /
  • Hi,

    Amazing response…..

    My contribution as below :

    SAP Geek is back with SP(ServicePack)/version 2.

    Catch Data Geek if you can…

    Welcome to Data Geek after Doomsday… 🙂

    Data geek still exists after doomsday….

  • I think it needs “ungeeking”… something that a person with a business background could proudly put on a t-shirt…

    Data Artisan (per Andrew, above)

    Data Craftsman (Craftsperson?)

    Data Wrangler, Info Wrangler

    Data Virtuoso

    Data Connoisseur (but maybe you have to be French for that one?)

    Data Magician (“now you see it, now you don’t” — maybe not)

  • My ideas!

    Visualizing data like a boss.
    Data Geeks finding the right answers since 1972.
    Data Geeks get the most out of data.

    Visualize the unknown.

    Tap that data.
    I make data analysis look easy. (back: With the help of SAP Visual Intelligence)
    Data Geeks use it. (back: SAP Visual Intelligence)

  • Wow thats a great competition 🙂

    Here are my entries…

    Do Epic Geeks

    Too Geek to Fail

    Not the Data Geek next Door

    Born to be a Data Geek

    Caution Data Geek ..Here to win, not talk

    I’m only here because my server is down

    The data is out there – and only geeks like me will find it.

    The Geek shall inherit the Earth

    Only real data geeks understand me – so many data, so little time.

    Data Geeks don’t byte. They just nibble a bit.

    Be brave like a data geek – analytics can sense fear.

    I’m a data geek and I’m famous on the SCN

    No I will not fix your analysis. Learn to be a real data geek.

    Data Geek > U

    Its people like me who make the analytics possible to trust.

    Data Geeks predict you any analysis

    Behind every great visualization is a data geek.

    Relax, its only ONES and ZEROS

    Ok and the next both entries maybe to techie 😀

    rm -rf /anything/besides/visual_intelligence

    1f u c4n r34d th1s u r a r34l d4t4 g33k 🙂