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Data Quality Remediation Tool in MDG


               MDG has come up with a Data Quality Remediation Toll which can act as an interface to display some data quality related records from 3rd party systems. This tool itself does not do the data quality check but acts just like an interface through which you will be able to create Change request.


             Go to transaction code MDGIMG where you will be able to assign a class for DQR interface.


Provide the following values. The class you provide should have the interface IF_MDG_DQR_DQ_SERVICE implemented in it.


Create a new business Activity with following logical action which is already provided.


Create Corresponding change Request types and workflow for this Busines Activity.

This is the ebdynpro Component which has to be called for the DQR


You can add this to your role so that you can access it from NWBC


Custom Class for Data retrieval

Implement the method IF_MDG_DQR_DQ_SERVICE~GET_FAILED_RECORDS to fetch records from 3rd party system or your Data Quality tool and display it to the DQR interface.

Sample coding:

              gv_rfc           type rfcdest value ‘xxxxx’,
              gv_msg           type c length 255.

          <gs_rec>     like line of lt_error_records.

        call function ‘xxxxxxx’
          destination gv_rfc
            et_matnr_errors       = lt_error_records
            system_failure        = message gv_msg
            communication_failure = message gv_msg.


Implement method IF_MDG_DQR_DQ_SERVICE~GET_FILTER_CRITERIA for setting up of your own filter criteria.

Implement method IF_MDG_DQR_DQ_SERVICE~SET_DQS_ID to set your DQR ID which you provided in the configuration

Implement method IF_MDG_DQR_DQ_SERVICE~GET_CREQUEST_ATTRIBUTES to fill in the Change request attributes.

This is the place where change request Description is filled.


Once all the configurations and coding are done, based on the filter criteria, the values will be retrieved from the RFC.


If there is a Change request assigned to one of your records, then the change request is automatically displayed or else you could select the row and Click Change request which will immediately create a Change request of the type which you have configured to Business Activity CHANGE_DQR. If there are more than 1 change request then a pop up comes up to select the required change request type. You could also do a multiple selection and Create a mass Change request or even create individuval change request for all the items based on your configuraion


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      Author's profile photo Tushar Das
      Tushar Das

      Dear Alex,

      Could you please upload the screen shots which are of better quality. Also if you could throw some light on the RFC, If I want to connect to the failed record database of my Information steward which is installed in my laptop.

      Any kind of help/information would be deeply appreciated.



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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Tushar,

           for some reason, the images are getting uploaded in the same way, in this blog even though I have high quality images.


         Alex B Justin

      Author's profile photo Girish BS
      Girish BS



      I am not able to fetch the failed records from the IS screen