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I support the ASE Software Developer Kit (SDK) 15.7.  I’ve worked with the products for over 17 years, mostly the Windows drivers, and lots of time spent with the Open Client products. This introduction is just a very high level, simplistic listing of the products and platforms supported. I’ve written quite a lot of articles in the ISUG Technical Journal about the drivers and open client. Most of this stuff is related to programming and mostly at the beginner level.

You will see me here from time to time. I am not sure yet what the content will be about, but if you have suggestions on what you’d like to see I would like to hear from you, via the comments section.

This suite is composed of:

Open Client:


Client Library – C API to access ASE.

DB Library – Older C API to access ASE.

ESQL (cpre and cobpre – embedded SQL in cobol and c)

bcp – bulk copy utility

isql – interactive SQL to test connections, perform admin work on ASE, test SQL

perl module to access ASE (uses Client Library in between perl and ASE)

php module (client lib in between php and ASE)

python module (client lib in between python and ASE)



ODBC Driver – to Access ASE via ODBC API

OLE DB Provider – access ASE via OLE DB API (C/C++, Microsoft canned interfaces such as Linked server, SSIS)

ADO.NET Data Provider – Access ASE from .NET Framework using ADO.NET API, 2,0 .NET  and 4.0 .NET

The SDK is available on the following platforms – please note, only ODBC Drivers are available (from the Drivers) on Linux and UNIX and only on (I will verify this – the certification page will indicate the versions of OS):



HP Itanium HP-UX 11.31 and 11.23


AIX 5.3 and 6.1


Redhat EL 4, 5, SuSE SLES 10, 11


Redhat EL 4, 5, SuSE SLES 10, 11


2.9, 2.10


Solaris 10

For the ASE Drivers on Windows – support is for both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64).

SDK 15.7 in general is avialable on:

HP-UX Itanium (32 and 64-bit)

IBM AIX (32 and 64-bit)

Linux on POWER (32 and 64-bit)

Linux x86

Linux x86-64

Sun Solaris SPARC (32 and 64-bit)

Sun Solaris x64

Sun Solaris x86

Windows x64

Windows x86

The SDK is geared mostly for the developer but also third party products can use the products based on supportability.

I will write in this blog from time to time to provide information relevant to all sorts of topics related to SDK 15.7.

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    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Remi,

      There is no documented API available for jTDS3.jar.  It is primarily used by SAP Sybase products where it can act as a server to TDS clients. It was easier to package the jar with the jConnect product so server products can access it. If you’re working with JDBC the focus is on the jconn4.jar JDBC driver (jConnect 7.0) found under the %SYBASE%\jConnect-7_0. Documentation for the driver is found

      Eventually the link might change to an SAP specific url but for now this is the current documentation.

      Let me know if this helps or not.



  1. Jose Torres

    Hi Paul,

    Is there any URL for SDK certifications(like former Sybase certifications page)?.

    I’m looking for SDK 12.5.1 (32/64bit, obsolete I guess)   and SDK 15.7(32/64bit) certifications on Sun Sparc Solaris 11.x – 64bit

    Thank you



          1. Jose Torres

            Thanks, this is what’s in there:

            Software Developer’s Kit 15.7 > Software Developer’s Kit Release Bulletin Sun Solaris >

            Product summary

            Release Bulletin Software Developer’s Kit 15.7 for Solaris


            The required patch for Solaris SPARC 32-bit and 64-bit is:

            141414-10 or later

            It isn’t clear ( for me )if they apply to Solaris 10 or 11



    1. Jose Torres

      HI Mike,

      No, but it’d be great to have one. We’re in the process of migrating to 15.7 from 12.5.x

      ( both ASE and Open Client apps )

      Thank you



    2. Dawn Kim


      The features are always listed.
      So when there is a new book on the site like so it will list all the new features of that version.

      Forthcoming stuff can always be discussed. If there are features or things you would like to see please post it. Start a new discussion in the SCN and I will see about doing feature requests for the product.

      Dawn Kim

      1. Former Member

        Here’s a quick list of what would we need here (Won’t start a new thread as I’ve already posted them in the past)

        – ability to reset a connection when using connection pools. (ie drop all temp connections, reset dbsettings, etc)  How are you meant to use conection pools when you can’t guarantee the state of the connection ?

        – no buffering on print statements from the server – so long running batch processes are logged during the the run (we use MONO drivers for batch processing)

        – ability to pass C# arrarys or lists into a stored procedure or some method of bulk data to a db (like MS-SQL)

        – improved error processing when using multiple results set – exception are disabled when using  IgnoreErrorsIfRS Pending

      2. Jose Torres

        Hi Dawn,

        I’ve looked at user manuals for SDK and OS, PAM,etc and only found generic references like : Solaris 11,Solaris SPARC 64-bit, Solaris x86 32-bit but no references to specific  product ESD# levels, OS patches like the former Sybase certification page.

        Thank you for the help



        1. Dawn Kim

          Try this page it is fairly good but it is not update on the certified OS:
          We miss the old page too.
          We are trying to pull some of the information from the database the from that old stuff.
          So all the Sybase products are trying to do something like that on the WIKI pages:
          ASE has this page:

          I don’t have one for the Connectivity page. Someone was working on this project but are leaving so it won’t get done. When I get time I will see what I can do.

          Dawn Kim


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