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SAP 7.20 Kernel Patch Upgrade in MSCS setup


This document is intended to outline the steps to upgrade SAP 7.20 kernel patch on MSCS set up. There may be confusion on the MSCS set up as to what exactly needs to be done and after successfully carrying out this activity recently I feel this document will benefit other fellow members. I will try to put the screens wherever necessary to explain the step.


This document contains steps to upgrade SAP Kernel 7.20 from Patch level 105 to Patch level 201

Technical Information:

Kernel 7.20

Windows 2008 Enterprise Editon Service Pack 2

Oracle 11g


a. Download the latest Kernel Patch from http:>Support Packages and Patches -> A – Z Index -> E -> SAP ERP -> SAP ERP ENHANCEMENT PACKAGE -> Choose your Version -> Entry by Component -> ABAP Technology for ERP EHP 5 -> SAP Kernel 7.20 64-Bit Unicode

you need to download the following files:

SAPEXE_201-10007272.SAR (this file is available under ‘database independent’ title)

ntclust_2-10007272.sar (this file is also available under ‘database independent’ title)


b. Take backup of your existing Kernel directory: ie: \usr\sap\SID\SYS\exe\uc\<os platform>

you can also find this directory by checking in RZ11 the value of parameter DIR_CT_RUN

c. It will also be better if you take an image backup of your C: drive

d. Always perform the Kernel Upgrade first in your test system to check for any errors. Once its verfied only then Upgrade in Production.


1. Take backup of your existing kernel directory:  \usr\sap\SID\SYS\exe\uc\<os platform>

2. Take backup of C:\windows\sapcluster on all MSCS nodes

3. Take backup of C:\Windows\system32\SapClus.dll on all MSCS nodes

4. Unpack the latest kernel (201) using the following command

SAPCAR -xvf SAPEXE_201-10007272.SAR

SAPCAR -xvf SAPEXEDB_201-10007270.SAR

SAPCAR -xvf ntclust_2-10007272.sar


same way you need to extract SAPEXE & ntclust.sar

5. Shutdown SAP System

6. Take SAP Service offline (from Failover Cluster Management)


7. Shutdown database (from Oracle Failsafe Manager)

8. Now, start copying the latest kernel files(kernel 201) to your existing kernel directory

kernel copy.JPG

Select ‘Copy and Replace’ option

6. Now Update the files on all cluster nodes in the Windows\SAPCLUSTER directory with the corresponding files in the central kernel staging directory.

7. Next, we have to update SapClus.dll file

when you run SAPCAR on ntclust.sar file, following folders will be available


In the NTCLUSTER sub-folder, you will find ‘SapClus.dll’ file


We need to copy ‘SapClus.dll’ to C:\Windows\System32 on all MSCS nodes

NOTE: Although on some scn threads it is said to update ‘Saprc.dll’ & ‘Saprcex.dll’ also but we only copied ‘SapClus.dll’ and our Kernel Upgrade went fine. We performed both the switchover & failover test for our MSCS nodes and it was successful.

8. Now restart the database and bring the SAP services online

9. Next, Re-start SAP system

NOTE: The instance restart will take 5 – 10 mins and if you have one or more dialog instances then you do not need to update them separately.

10. Finally, Perform the MSCS Switchover/Failover test to confirm the successful upgrade of the kernel patch.


Your have upgraded your kernel patch on MSCS setup.


sapnote 1636252 – Installing a 7.20 kernel in SAP Web AS 7.00/7.01/7.10/7.11

If you have any comments or feedback please feel to update.

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