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New PS Solution – SAP Commercial Project Management

SAP has been working on a new solution that should be interesting to those of us that work in the projects area of ERP.

The new solution, SAP Commercial Project Management, is geared for the lead-to-cash scenario and covers processes for selling, planning, execution, and monitoring of projects.  The new solution has different components to handle these diverse requirements.  There is a new Project Workspace, a new Project Financial Planning area as well as Project Issue and Change Management area.

SAP had been hosting calls over the past year where they reviewed the current state of the solution but they were closed to a small group of customers, partners, and SAP employees.  Now that the solution is nearly released, Dr. Martin Effenberger and his team are hosting some additional calls that are open to the rest of the SAP community.  Four sessions are scheduled and registration is required.

Here’s a link to Martin’s blog in the CPM area of SCN: Information sessions for customers on SAP Commercial Project Management.

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  • Thanks for this perfect information…:!

    Just a quick question: I registered myself to the web conference “Commercial Project Management”. Do you know where and when I get the Link to the web-conference (Im pretty new at scn)?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi Nathan,

    I have registered for this conference. Let us see what is the difference between PS and Commercial Project Manager conceptually.



  • Hi Nathan,

    I have been working for quite some time on Engineering, Construction sectors in SAP and work predominantly in assembly processing integrating SD and PS modules seemlessly.

    Obviously when we talk of SD and PS, FI and CO conveniently sits on these modules to manage and control project costs and revenue.

    Having worked in these things together, it will be interesting to notice how CPM is different from this present model followed in many of the firms in the industries I have mentioned.


    S.Navaneetha krishnan

  • Nathan,

    SAP has now three soltions for project management

    • SAP ERP PS
    • SAP Portfolio and Project Management 6.0
    • SAP Commercial Project Management.

    How do they compare to each other?

    What is the business case for each of them?



  • Nathan,

    Great post about CPM.  I spent 15 months on the consulting taskforce rolling it out.  If anyone has any questions I will try to answer them.  Also, do attend one of Dr. Effenberger’s sessions, they will be very informative.

    CPM consists of 3 “modules”: Project Workspace, Project Financial Planning, and Project Issue and Change Management.  It is an add-on to ECC, not a stand alone application.  The PWS combines analytics and transactions within the same screens.  They are designed for the user to perform project management activities.  PFP uses integrated BW-IP and provides easy planning input with wide flexibility for financial planning.   PICM provides robust integrated issue identification and change management.  This is lacking in standard PS.



    • Ken,

      is SAP Commercial Project Management.designed to replace SAP Portfolio and Project Management 6.0 or how do they relate to each other?



      • CPM does not offer the Portfolio functionality that PPM does.  On the project management side there is functional overlap.  At the individual project level CPM offers very robust and flexible financial planning functionality much more than PPM.

        CPM offer a flexible base to link to different objects.  It come delivered with links to PS, SD, and MRS.  Links to PPM can be developed.

        • Do i get you right that a customer needs 3 different tools to manage its projects from portfolio management to execution?

          Sounds like an overkill or to I get something wrong?

          • There is some functional overlap between the solutions, as there is in most of SAP, there are multiple ways of doing the same thing.  It’s about offering different levels of functionality.

            The solutions are not a one size fits all.  It is important in the evaluation phase to explore each solution and see what best fits the client requirements.

    • Hi, I am not sure either PS obsolete or replaced by CPM. I understand this would have two tier installation. Lower level would ECC6.0 and on top of it can be implemented CPM which see face to face for the data transfers. Moreover, the PS has more functionalities than cProjects, PPM and CPM which has close integration for financial data transfers between these two modules.

      Let us wait for others to comment with more details on this one.



      • I’d consider CPM as an ‘enhancer’ to PS and I don’t think it provides much value without PS (WBS hierarchy, cost postings, etc.).

  • I have extensively worked in SAP CPM 2.0 & interacted with Martin & Oliver (SAP).

    The issues encountered during our client implementation was greatly addressed to SAP through various OSS incidents.

    The SAP response was prompt & focused.

    SAP CPM configuration is quite simple to understand and the Risk Management functionality in 2.0 is really appreciated by our clients.

    By in large a beautiful product domain to study and work.



  • Hi Nathan,

    Great effort from your side, what i observe CPM is part of S4 Hana hence we can say this is addon of ECC SAP PS, as SAP PS standard was not covering few scenario related to Project Workspace, Project Financial Planning, and Project Issue and Change Management so this can be adopted by CPM 🙂