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Proxy and IDOC Serializing techniques in PI

I.Setting up inbound qRFC queues for serializing IDocs using the IDoc Adapter

When we have  requirement where the Integration Server had to process the IDoc XML messages created by the IDoc adapter in the same sequence that the Idocs were sent from the SAP R/3 system. In this case the Quality of Service is Exactly Once in Order (EOIO).

The steps involved in setting up the inbound qRFC queues which will be used for IDoc serialization using the IDoc adapter:

1.Logon to the ABAP stack of  XI instance, execute the transaction SE16 and enter the table name as “IDXQUEUE”


2.Click on the “Create Entries” button and supply the parameters: PORT, CLIENT, MESTYP and QUEUEID for each of the IDoc message type that we want to serialize using the IDoc adapter. Save each entry.

3. To display the entries created, click on the “Table Contents” button, supply “*” to the PORT and MESTYP fields to select all entries in the table and execute:


List of all entries in the table “IDXQUEUE” shown below:


4.Test with some of the IDoc Message types for which we have setup the inbound qRFC queues. To check which inbound queue is used, execute the transaction SMQ2 in your ABAP stack and the following screen appears:

5.Execute again to list the inbound queue names and their entries. You will find the queue name occurring as shown below for example:

II. Setting up inbound qRFC queues for  Proxy serializing

Generating dynamic queues in ABAP proxy program through which we can establish EOIO message processing.

*declare variable for queue id and set the queue id

Data: queueid type SXMSQIDAPP.

queueid = “queue_new”.

*get protocol & set the queue id

prxy_async_messaging ?= prxy->get_protocol(if_wsprotocol=>async_messaging ).

prxy_async_messaging->set_serialization_context(queueid ).


* do your processing


* call the execute method

CALL METHOD prxy->execute_asynchronous


        output = it.



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    • Hi Praveen

      I have implemented it on PI 7.11. Proxy serializing should be applicable for all verions,

      and IDOC serializing for all dual stack versions.

      Not sure if we have some documents on this on SAP Help. will check and get back.

    • Hi Rajesh..

      This we have implemented this on Single Stack only i.e. through AAE on PI 7.11. Implemented the EOIO on the proxy coding and connected to PI through Proxy_SOAP adapter.

      • I know proxy serialization is common for both systems (PI dual and single stack)

        I should have rephrased my question, sorry for confusion and I meant how to acheive the Idoc serialisation using IDoc_AAE on dual & single stacks ?