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Take your SAP Procurement business suite spend into the Ariba Network with the RDS Adapter available

1.0 Overview: The wait is over

The wait is over and you have what you need to take your SAP Procurement transactions into the Ariba Business Network Cloud with the Rapid deployment solution for the Business suite

With this RDS (Rapid Deployment solution) you now have the power to transact with the Ariba Network seamlessly using SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration component to make that dream a reality. Most customers might have tried and evaluated an option to doing this custom in the past, but now this solution will help realize the strategy of taking the estimated 12Trn SAP Install base procurement spend into the Ariba Network.

                                                              The RDS architecture of the solution


2.0 What are the typical business challenges addressed by a Network Hub

Variety of technological options to connect on-Premise system with cloud based Ariba Network and missing experience and best practices can lead to error-prone, time- and labor-intensive customer projects.

The solution to these problems

Customers can now connect their back-end SAP software securely and reliably to the Ariba Network and benefit from pre-configured integration for the procure-to-pay process and Ariba Procurement Content.

How to Download it?

Container for the solution on the SAP Service Marketplace (note: you need to have an SID)

->Login to

->this will lead you to the SWDC path for downloading the RDS contents

->get going

3.0 More on the specifics of the Technical Solution deliverable

RDS Solution Overview

Connect your back-end SAP software securely and reliably to the Ariba Network and benefit from pre-configured integration for procure to pay process and best practices for Ariba Procurement Content integration.

  • Secure connectivity between SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration software and the Ariba Business Network
  • Ariba Network Adapter
  • Data mappings for procure-to-pay process to the cXML format needed for the Ariba Network
  • Business Suite (MM or SRM) integration with the Ariba Procurement Content

Business Benefits

  • Comprehensive solution with prebuilt, standard connectivity content to bridge the first mile for end-to-end processes, specifically procure to pay processes
  • Single-vendor solution
  • Supports customer demand for hybrid business-to-business integration (cloud and on-premise integration)
  • Fast and secure integration with the Ariba Business Network
  • Trading Partner Performance Tracking and Reporting

Detailed scope of mappings delivered


The high-level process steps involved to stand the solution

  • Deployment of the Ariba Network Adapter
  • Deployment of mapping templates from IDOC into Ariba cXML document format
  • Configuration of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration and the Ariba Adapter
  • Extend mappings for customer enhancements (5 mappings included)
  • Test connectivity against Dummy Supplier
  • Ariba Procurement Content (Catalog) integration for MM (Material Management) or SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)

Software Requirements to stand the RDS

  • SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 EHP1, SPS 09
  • SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5 SPS 03 or higher
  • Ariba Network Adapter (Ariba Buyer Account) 11s2

4.0 Conclusion

The details of connecting with SAP to help deploy the RDS solution is available inside the Solution discovery section of the RDS Service Marketplace path. Am sure that this is data enough for you to plan your deployment strategy.

There is a boast of standing this in 4 weeks, this can be your week 1, so go for it

5.0 What to look forward to?

Tune into the ASUG Webcast Ariba Integration Made Easy – Strategy, Key Scenarios and Solutions to Ensure Success on February 7, 2013 @ 1:00 pm EST

Janusz Smilek, Package Owner, Solution Assembly and Knowledge Packaging, SAP Labs
Homiar Kalwachwala ,North America Practice Head, SAP Data & Technology Services
Scott Schwartzman , Rapid Deployment Solutions, NA Regional Lead, SAP America

Register using link:

Read Andy Greig blog ASUG Webcast on February 7: Ariba Integration Made Easy – Strategy, Key Scenarios and Solutions to Ensure Success

Also read Janusz Smilek blog How Quickly Can Your Business Interchange Information with Partners?

Also..the second RDS-Ariba adapter for addressing the Sell-side process working with SAP Information Interchange On-Demand is in the pipe-line

I am guessing that the use case of extending the B2B network transactions to integrate with the Ariba Network to complete the end to end story of the Buy and the sell side, am really looking forward to this solution

6.0 SAP Procurement and Ariba: The Social Outreach

Engage with the SAP Procurement and Ariba via these channels and join the conversation


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Tridip,

      As always Thank you for sharing valuable information on Ariba RDS solution and its details.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hey Tridip :

      Thanks for the blog and it's definitley going to be an interesting journey ahead for the existing procurement suite of applications like the SUS, SNC and the catalog application. The pricing model for the network for the sell side is also available at the link below

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Pranav,

      Thank you for sharing pricing details it was really good to know. However i have few questions not sure if you know the answer; What pricing do Ariba charges for Catalog hosting solution in cloud? Is the same pricing SAP will going to use or will they revise based on the existing customer relationship?

      Thank you


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for Sharing Tridip. Informative. 

      Regards,  Vijay Alisetty

      Author's profile photo Richard Hirsch
      Richard Hirsch

      Good informative blog.

      I'm also waiting for  the second RDS Ariba adapter based on IntaaS.

      Don't you think this option will be a bigger success doesn't require an OnPremise PI installation which many SMEs might not have.


      Author's profile photo Tridip Chakraborthy
      Tridip Chakraborthy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Dick,

      I am waiting for it and it its been a while now, have been following up as well

      In the new SAP Procurement / Ariba road-map there is a mention of the new IntaaS adapter, not sure if its RDS is out as yet

      I completely agree that this will be a bigger success if the PI road-block can be removed

      most times, the Middleware plays an important role as several customers run platforms other than SAP NW



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Tridip for sharing this , I was exactly looking for this kind of information.

      Can you please share some info regarding the ARIBA network adapter ( i.e cXML adapter?) that should be used in PI 7.30/31 ?

      Also any idea.. will the cXML adapter will be shipped along with PI in further releases given SAP has acquired ARIBA?

      Author's profile photo Tridip Chakraborthy
      Tridip Chakraborthy
      Blog Post Author

      the cXML adapter will be available to you based on your existing partnership with SAP/Ariba

      You need to contact your Account rep to get this adapter, incase its not available in your Ariba Download center

      I havent checked if you can download it from SWDC on the marketplace, in any case, pls open an OSS message and you can get the adapter based on the agreement that you/your client has



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Tridip. Its informative for ASN integration with SAP(MM/SRM).

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


          where can I find the RDS installation guide for SRM - ASN? one of my customer is planning to go for ASN who is running P2P on SRM 7.0 EhP2 environment. your input is highly appreciated..

      Author's profile photo Tridip Chakraborthy
      Tridip Chakraborthy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Saravanan,

      Its there in the blog itself, you need to have a service marketplace ID

      the documents in this link will guide you where to download the adapter, the installation guide



      Author's profile photo Saj Con
      Saj Con

      Hi Guys, Can Ariba be used as an external facing portal for vendors to submit invoices only and PO's created in SRM and invoices submitted to ECC. As one can do with SUS, is there a standard integration. Please advise



      Author's profile photo Tridip Chakraborthy
      Tridip Chakraborthy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Saj

      the Ariba business network accepts anything xCML, so doesnt matter what you send via PI, the conversion from IDOC to XML and vice versa, you cannot call it a external facing portal like SUS, its more of a Business Network in the cloud, where the Buy-side and sell-side have access to each others business content

      PO->GR->Invoice collaboration can be achieved, you can decide what documents you want to send to the Ariba Network

      SUS is a Point to Point protocol for the company and its suppliers

      Ariba Network is a Cloud based network based approach

      the adapter that we have mentioned in this blog will help take the SAP SRM and the ECC transactions to the Ariba Network

      Let me know if you have more questions