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In this blog I invite SAP Crystal Reports designers and Visual Studio .NET developers using SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Crystal Reports Application Server and Business Objects Enterprise (BI) Solution Developer Kits (SDK) to follow us on twitter. I also provide a bit of an explanation, purpose and history of SAP twitter channels for report designers and for Visual Studio .NET developers.

Report designers using SAP Crystal Reports follows us at SAPCRDes.

Visual Studio .NET developers using SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Crystal Reports Application Server and Business Objects Enterprise (BI) SDKs follow us at SAPCRNETSup.

I believe that freely sharing technical knowledge with the users of any software is the only scalable solution that enables the user to learn, to solve and to resolve issues with their software. And in these days of Social Media, that scaling is pretty well infinite. In the very first days of Windows applications knowledge sharing was limited to technical manuals, books and phones. Scaling up, meant hiring more people, using faxes and occasionally loading a file or two on Bulletin Boards. It was not until the age of the internet that real scaling became possible with freely available blogs, Knowledge Bases, wikis and other content, efficient searching notwithstanding…

Through this evolution I was always interested in better ways of sharing; Would it not be great to let a customer know about a new piece of knowledge the minute it was created? I kicked around ideas such as locally updatable apps, emails announcing new knowledge to subscribing customers and so on. Unfortunately as often happens, due to the efforts needed to implement such initiatives the ideas remained… well, ideas. Finally, with Social Media and particularly channels such as Twitter and Facebook, the idea of pushing knowledge out to customers who wanted it became possible with relatively low effort. On December 7, 2009, the SAP .NET Developer support team for Crystal Reports, Report Application Server and Business Objects Enterprise launched the twitter channel; SAPCRNETSup. The intent of this initiative was to share knowledge as soon as we were able to publish it. Since then we have tweeted over 990 pieces of information; KBAs, articles, blogs, wikis and more. The channel now has over 400 followers and more are joining every week. Following on the success of the SAPCRNETSup twitter channel, the SAP Crystal Reports Design and Database connectivity launched it’s own SAPCRDes twitter channel on July 17, 2012.

While the two twitter channels may appear to be redundant, the idea is that Visual Studio .NET developers using SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Crystal Reports Application Server and Business Objects Enterprise (BI) are interested in very different information than designers of actual reports. Each twitter channel is specifically targeting these two types of users with information specific to their interests. The channels are not technical support. This would be a difficult task in under 140 characters. Rather, they are a way of sharing information. If you are looking for timely information, join us; SAPCRDes, SAPCRNETSup.

For more SAP Technical Support channels see SAP Twitter Feeds for Techies

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    1. Ludek Uher Post author

      How timely. Just last week I was given the go ahead to do the same for Xcelsius Dashboards. It will take a bit of time and bureaucracy taming but I hope to have it running by end of April.

      – Ludek

        1. CJ Harmer

          The Dashboard twitter account has been created and is live! For Dashboard (XCelsius) Support information follow SAP BI Dashboard Sup @SAPDashboard. Thanks to Ludek for making it happen!

          CJ Harmer

    1. Ludek Uher Post author

      Thank you for following Anthony. I tweet the latest info only (published within the last month anyhow),  but the search on SCN will get you lots of info also.

      Happy reporting 🙂

      – Ludek


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