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Refresh Functionality in the POWL Query starting release Enhancement Package 5

Starting Release Enhancement Package 5 it is now possible to maintain the refresh option in the transaction POWL_QUERY.

The Personal Object Worklist (POWL) provides the following query refresh options:


  • On First Page Visit: The query refreshes only when the POWL is initially loaded.
  • On Every Page Visit: The query refreshes each time the POWL is loaded.
  • On First Query Run: The query only refreshes when the query is initially switched on.
  • On Every Query Run: The query refreshes each time the query is switched on.

If no refresh type is set, then the query is refreshed according to the default behavior.

Note: Manual refreshing works in all cases . The setting needs to be maintain seperately for each Query ID.

More information can be found the KBA Article 1806905.

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  • Good to know. This will help us control load on the backend concerning POWL queries better once we upgrade from EHP4 to EHP6. Up until now we did have a “bad feeling” allowing endusers to use the refresh function because of the risk of heavy load, but didn’t see an alternative.

    Thanks for the info, Raynard! 🙂