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Pictograms – Use Your Custom Pictures

Pictograms are the small icon that is related to a portal object (such as iView, Page, role, etc…). Applications (such as workset map, service map or any custom application) can use this property for their needs (example: display an icon next to the relevant object).

Now you can control the Pictogram repository and add custom images, using the WRR (Web Resource Repository). Here’s short description of how to use this new feature:

1. Navigate to Content Administration -> Web Resource Repository expand the root folder and find the Pictograms folder.

2. Add any custom image(s) you like (better to have 40×40 pixel images). Detailed instructions on how to use the WRR can be found here

3. In Content Administration – use the property editor and change the pictogram attribute of any object; use your new images (they will appear in the dropdown list under the pictogram property.

Here’s an example of a demo iView using this new capability:



  • You can control the location of the Pictograms folder (under the WRR) if you go to the NetWeaver Administrator (NWA)
    • under the application:
    • find the service: navigation_mime_repository configurations
    • property: Path to Web Resource Repository folder where pictograms are stored
  • To return to the original pictograms provided by SAP also use the navigation_mime_repository configurations
    • property: Restore SAP pictograms on service start need to be true.
  • For official release infomation please see SAP note 1753605
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  • Hello Ido

      I was trying to follow your article. However, I can’t find the Repositories folder under Content Admin – WRR.

    Also, I am unable to locate the ‘configurations’ property of service: navigation_mime_repository

    We are on 7.3 SP8.

    Appreciate your help

    Can you please help out as to where & how can I upload our custom images>

    thanks in advance


    • Hi Preet,

      This feature is available on 7.30 SP9 and 7.31 SP6 please refer to SAP note 1753605 for detailed release information.



      • Hi Ido

          Thank you so much for your prompt response. So, until we go to SP9, is my only option adding images directly to the folder


        Appreciate your help.



        • I think the best approach will be to inset the images you want to the images folder in the mimesrvice SDA, pack it again and redeploy it. Then, restart the cluster. This will make sure that the images are deployed on all server node, etc…



          • SAP EP can have applications from various sources like WDJ, WDA, Java, .Net, PDK etc…all these application development tools provide thr facility of adding images beside relevant text.  Can these pictograms be used in those applications. Can they be accessed from there ?



            SAP EP

          • Hi seventyros,

            The basic answer is YES. Pictograms are stored on the server and can be accessed via direct URL (you can preview some image to find out the path).

            Whether application like WDJ, WDA, etc has a built it mechanism for this. I do not know. I guess this is something you need to ask the application developer.