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Job hunt, constructive criticism welcome.

Hello Readers,

I will soon begin a semi-aggressive search for a new position. As stated in a previous Blog post, my interest in HCM and HR.Tech has led me to, wanting to pursue a job at SuccessFactors, I have never worked outside of construction. My career needs adjustment though, I feel that I have studied and maintained an updated understanding of the industry to date – but I am still a beginner that needs guidance, my desire to succeed in this field is strong. Once I am given a chance, I realize that I will have to put in the extra work required to take myself to the productive level, Working with a team brainstorming then implementing the consensus sounds like an interesting challenge and a worthwhile pursuit, the nervousness of taking on new responsibility’s feels natural and progressive, to make it short – I need this change.

–  If asked, what makes me think that I can add value to an Organization?

I would answer with, sincerity,  creativity, and the desire to nurture the success in others.


–  If asked why I take interest in this industry?

I would answer – Because I believe that technology can improve the workplace and create a easy to understand form of productivity and comfort.

–  If asked what my forward looking statements are to date.

Mobile and Social, we know how accustomed people are to both of these, the future holds a lot for both, how it will add value to the business is going to be subject to individual and group concerns.

I take this approach with a humble and open attitude, please wish me well and offer advice if you can.



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