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How to use Ancile Help LaunchPad (1)

(1) HLP/ CSH usage and selection.

Ancile Help LaunchPad is an Addon file or transport file. It can be imported to the SAP ABAP systems.

For Java system, it is called Context Sensitive Help. No further addon needed for SAP java system though some configuration is needed.

There are several documentation about how to install/configue HLP and CSH for SAP system in Ancile Help Portal.

They are available at : . user/pass can be available after registration.

Help LaunchPad has version similiar with uPerform, like 4.1, 4.2 ,4.3. But it is not related with the uPerform version.

That means, HLP version 4.0 can be used together with uPerform 4.5 or 3.0.  Both combinations are fine.

Customers are suggested to download the most recent HLP package from SAP servce market place.

There are several different packages for the same HLP version.

Whether the HLP was imported to the SAP system before and the Basis version of the SAP system is the criteria for which package to select to import.

KBA 1799002 – How to choose Help LaunchPad files from uPerform Installation Package, may do help for selecting the HLP packages.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi my name is carlos and right now we are using SPP to do a major company training effort before going live for about 1500 users.

      We have some concerns about the efficiency of SPP distributing video or the simulations when more that 500 users will access the resources at the same time.

      Do you have some recommendations for us.


      Author's profile photo Adrienne Hannon
      Adrienne Hannon

      Hi Carlos,

      you should be posting this to the discussions forum, in order to get answers to your questions, anyhow you'll find more ifnormation form your <version> admin guide on the reccommedation for this many users.

      The three-server environment is the recommended environment to robustly
      support all uPerform operations and ensure flexibility for future
      expansion. However, in certain scenarios, a two-server implementation
      may be viable. The decision to implement a two-server environment vs. a
      three-server environment is based on the total possible concurrency
      level of end users. You should plan on supporting at least 10% of your
      total concurrent users, which includes administrators, authors, and end
      users. Based on this calculation, the following guidance is provided:

      -If you must support 500 or more concurrent users, the three-server
      environment is recommended for optimal performance.
      -If you must support 1-499 concurrent users, the two-server environment
      can be configured.

      In addition to the number of concurrent users, there are a number of
      technical variables to consider when evaluating your server landscape.
      These include, but are not limited to:

      -Geographic distribution of your end users
      -Network connection types (e.g., T1, T2, T3 WAN, or High-Speed LAN)
      between end users and the uPerform application, search, and database
      -Network connection types (e.g., T1, T2, T3 WAN, or High-Speed LAN)
      between the application server and the database server
      -Technical capability of the uPerform servers (e.g., number and types of
      CPUs, amount of RAM, etc.)
      -Total estimated concurrency loading of the uPerform application,
      search, and database servers
      -Total number of documents, simulations, courses, and managed documents
      to be stored