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Author's profile photo Anand Shankar

SFTP Adapter in PI 7.3x

Hi to the Beginners,

This document is for the new PI developers who have the advantage of using the SFTP adapter out of the PI server (7.3).

This is a small document with details of different options for SFTP Adapter.

Configuring the SENDER SFTP adapter


# We need server fingerprint which can be provided by SFTP server admin.

# In the proxy part we have multiple option available for the type of Sender server


For different type of server, we have to configure accordingly.

# File Name 

We have an interesting feature to use a particular pattern for file name like you can use


It means that the file name should start with digit and the second character should be capital letter and then any other thing, eg: 0Aemployee.txt

# Additional Files: you can configure it the same way as you do it in File adapter for multiple file names.

# Pooling interval as per the requirement.


# In the processing tab we have a superb feature of Duplicate File check. This allows you to stop processing the already processed file. Unless we have to use custom module like we use in File Adapter.

# Rest all the features are self explanotory.


# In the advanced tab we can use the Namespace in case of dynamic naming convention for the files.

# We have the option to archive the files on PI as well as SFTP server.


# We have the option to use private key authentication, if the SFTP server is configured for the same.

# Only drawback in SFTP adapter is the absence of FCC. We will have to use the standard Message Transformation Bean module to fulfill our requirement.



Configuring the RECEIVER SFTP adapter


# We have the option to select the Proxy parameters and private Key authentication similar to sender channel configuration.

# We can mention the File name and directory details at the SFTP server.


# In the Processing tab we have all the self explanatory fields.

# Timeunit can be given in Miliseconds, seconds and Minutes.


# The write modus gives us the flexibility to create a new file or to append in an existing file or to use a temporary file while writing.



# In the advanced tab we have the option for Variable substitution for dynamic file names and in that case we have to use ASMA to provide the namespace.

# In the Module tab we can use MTB module to use the file content conversion.

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      Author's profile photo Nilambari Waje
      Nilambari Waje


      We have a SFTP-PRoxy scenario..

      The requirement is to pick up any file from the SFTP server. I tried putting * in filename for sender sftp adapter but the channel goes in "dangling character * error"

      As per the blog i also tried using [0-9].[A-Z]*.txt but it isnt working. Request your assistance.

      Author's profile photo Dimitri Sannen
      Dimitri Sannen


      Please use .* in the sender adapter to pick up every file from the source.

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hey ,

      If your file name is TEST*.txt that PI should pick up , you may use [T]*[E]*[S]*[T].*txt

      The configuration looks weird however it works !!!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      The file name scheme supports only the regular expression. You can find more information here

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      We're using PI SFTP and trying to pull files from an external party.  However, we noticed that if the filesize of the file  we're trying to pull is in KB already, we get the error "inputstream is closed".  According to sap note 1738500,

      "this issue can solved by using  a lesser custom buffer size. It can be configured via  advanced mode parameter "receiveBufferSize". The legal values should be between 1 to 65535."

      However, we can't seem to find where this parameter is located or stored.  Could someone please guide me where to see this "receiveBufferSize" parameter?

      Our SFTP release and patch level is  We're running on Windows 2008 R2.

      Thanks in advance for your help.


      Author's profile photo Vishnu Prasad K
      Vishnu Prasad K

      Hi Rey,

      The advanced mode is visible under the advanced tab of the SFTP channel (As seen in the last screen shot, the last check box). You have to select the check box and then enter the parameter in the first column and the value in the second column of the advanced table.



      Author's profile photo Martín Piattini Velthuis
      Martín Piattini Velthuis


      I would like to know if there is the possibility in a "sender" scenario to form the dynamic name of the file to pick adding "date" or "date - 1".

      I follow the link Sivasubramaniam Arunachalam added to regular expression, and there many option. But many there is also the option to add the posibility for system variable sustitution...?



      Author's profile photo Bhargava Kamal
      Bhargava Kamal

      Hi There - how would SFTP receiver adapter reacts if you have multiple files with different file names?

      The requirement is that only 1 file should get process if PI see multiple files it should stop processing and throw some email alert, file name should be "xyz_customer_<latestdatetime>.xml", the only difference in files would be the date & time stamp.

      Please let me know how we can achieve this, above is to handle any human error if users generate multiple files by mistake, PI shouldn't process them.