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ABAP for SAP HANA Reference Scenario


This page is the entry point for the ABAP for SAP HANA Reference Scenario Open Items Analysis. It provides links to different ressources (such as guides, articles, blogs, and tutorials) around the reference scenario – which is an integral part of the SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.4 – and about the ABAP development for SAP HANA in general.

Reference Scenario – Overview

The ABAP for SAP HANA reference scenario Open Item Analysis aims to provide how-tos around the integration and leveraging of the power of SAP HANA in ABAP-based applications. It is part of the standard SAP NetWeaver delivery as of release 7.4 and is intended for testing and demo purposes. Not for productive use.

Different implementations of the Open Items Analysis reference scenario are available.

Basics You need to Know

This section provides an overview about the essential ingredients of the ABAP development for SAP HANA.

SAP HANA Platform

SAP HANA  is more than just another database – It is a Game Changer!

With its ability to process huge amount of structured and unstructured data at extreme speed, SAP HANA allows a convergence of OLTP and OLAP at real-time. Additionaly SAP HANA provides advanced and specialized engines and application libraries such as text mining, predictive analysis and geo-spatial.

Read the interesting blog SAP HANA Explained – Again by SAP mentor Graham Robinson .

Code-to-Data paradigm

The Code-to-Data paradigm is also known as Code Pushdown. It means delegating the processing of data-intensive computation from the application server to the database (i.e. SAP HANA).

To get more insights about this new programming paradigm in ABAP powered by SAP HANA, read these blogs/articles What the heck is code pushdown?, ABAP on HANA and “Code Pushdown”, ALV and FPM on SAP HANA and Getting Started with ABAP CDS.

Read also Spotlight on ABAP for SAP HANA

Eclipse platform

ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver (ADT, aka ABAP in Eclipse™) is mandatory when it comes to leveraging the power of SAP HANA in ABAP using features like Core Data Services and ABAP Managed Database Procedures.

SAP provides different eclipse-based SAP development tools (e.g. SAPUI5, Gateway, SAP HANA, Cloud, …) that allows you to develop end-2-end applications in the same IDE, Eclipse.

Recommended Approach

/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/monitor_570314.png Detect
Find tunable ABAP custom  code using advanced performance analysis tooling.Refere to Best practices, guidelines and videos about ABAP Test Cokpit, SQL Monitor and SQL Performance Tuning Worklist.
/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/speed_570315.png Optimize

  • Push down data-intensive processing  to SAP HANA
  • Transform batch jobs to interactive user experiences
  • Add features and improve usability

Refere to different tutorials, guides and videos.



Have a look at the different capabilities offered SAP HANA to…

  • Support real-time access to any data at any level on  any device.
  • Gain new business insights  via text search and predictive analysis

Best practices and Guidelines

Additional Information

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      This is a good starting point.

      Neal WIlhite

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      Thanks Jens,

      Really a nice blog for the beginners.

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      Thank you so much Jens,

      I have already installed the practicing instance on AWS, this is the next step to go ahead or kick-start.

      Warm Regards


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      Thanks! Helpful for Beginners!

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      Good information.

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      Thanks for putting together this really helpful launchpad page, Jens 🙂

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      This is really very halpful.

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      just perfect !!

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      Hi Jens,

      Really helpful and thanks for putting this together.
      Was going through the Open Sap Course and in the first Onboarding session, some URLs were mentioned to access the system over cloud. I believe after the new SCN site, these URLs are not working. Can you please provide us with new URLs?


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      nancy perez

      Step By Step Info..

      The ABAP for SAP HANA reference scenario Open Item Analysis aims to provide how-tos around the integration and leveraging of the power of SAP HANA in ABAP-based applications.

      Really very Halpful.


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      Great Info – thanks Jen.

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      Usefful information.

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